I am an abstract painter from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. My work, which has been described as being both organic and industrial at the same time, can be found in both private and corporate collections across Canada, as well as in the United States. Working with acrylics on paper and canvas, I strive to create lush abstract paintings that allow the viewer to explore and discover on their own, without having the constraints of realism imposing a view of what they should be seeing. I consider my most successful pieces to be those that result in the greatest number of distinct interpretations. Although my style would be labelled as abstract expressionism, I don’t attempt to create abstract representations of particular objects or concepts, but rather simply try to express myself through colours , shapes and textures. Music is an important part of the creation process for me, and I allow myself to be carried away by the music I listen to as I paint, letting it, rather than conscious thought, guide my hands.

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Slideshow of some of my work

I have put together a musical slideshow featuring some of my abstract artwork. The music is the beautiful track “All in the Waiting” from the amazing guitarist Buckethead. / [Video]
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