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Thank you!

Thank you to whoever bought a Greeting Card of “just another face in the crowd” and “Imagine.” I hope you find them to your liking!

No more art from me

Due to the fact that RB has decided to “improve?” their uploader so as to make it unusable for those of us who don’t have the most current browser, I am forced to not submit any new works.


Apparently this artwork, which in my opinion is (if i may go as far as to say) “beautifully” blended is somehow not acceptable in at least ONE group here. Having contained none of the usual taboos of racism or discrimination or pornography or any of the redbubble negatives, it boils down to individual preference as to what is acceptable.

While I realize that each group here is “powered” by a person, I rather thought that the “owner(s)” here were a little more open-minded in their interpretation of their group rules. Apparently some are not, and choose to instead censor this as if it were worthy of such just because it is not “beautiful”

Of course, as with any censorship, then the question remains what IS beautiful – at what point woul…

WOOT! Homepage finally! Wheeee! :-)

While not one of the artworks I would have thought would have been homepage-ish (something with the most comments, or the most favorites, or the most featured in groups or whatever) it seems the lowly, previously little-viewed image titled Turquoise Pearl caught someone’s eye somehow. Thanks to whoever found my obscure rendition and lifted it to the lofty homepage image it now has become!