Blacklilypie is Tara Fortin.
I’m based in Ottawa, Canada.

I make things until I get bored of them. This year I am into bones and tea.

Find me if you want to:

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My main Etsy Shop where I sell handmade art, paper goods, pins and other creations similar to the images I have here.

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I kinda had this plan, keeping my redbubble mostly black and white stuff, and uploading full colour work on other sites, but then I started thinking about it and its a dumb plan. / Might as well have everything all over the place. / So will be adding colour junk from now on. But secretly I like my black and white stuff more than anything else.
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After thinking about it for an eternity, I decided to open a shop here. / I have so much content that would be great as products, and although over the years I have hand made all my own creations (and sold them at my Etsy shop), times change man, times change… / Plus its cold in Ottawa and this is a good indoor activity. / Going to go back though my catalogs of works and pick a few to updat…
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