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Hi there.

Complete newbie to Red Bubble. Classify myself as an amatuer, but after looking at some of the work here, reclassify myself as a v humble amatuer! lol

Born & bred Londoner. Realised about 3-4 yrs ago, what a difference a well-composed picture can be from the millions people shoot digitally everyday. So get more & more joy from trying to capture the ‘usual’ unusually……

Early days. Have loads of picture albums on my Facebook site, but got recommended Red Bubble by some friends as somewhere to step up & put some pics that im especially proud of…..tho seeing the company now…..is rather embarassing.

But you gotta start somewhere yeah? And youre never too old to learn?

All pics have been taken with nothing more complicated than my point & shoot Casio Exilim EX-S880……as far too much bother to hulk anything bigger around……

But seeing the results from YOUR pictures, the temptation to upgrade is getting stronger day by day…….who knows?

Anyway hope you enjoy my limited palette of offerings……. ; )

Have recently upgraded to a Canon DSLR…..the Kiss X4….aka Japanese version of the EOS 550D. My Casio funnily enough compares bizarrely well…..

My latest addition: Boyz on the town was taken with the Canon…..so lets see how things go. Feels very grown up…..lol

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