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Splat Resources

There is a splat challenge coming up on the Branded group, so I decided to put together this quick list of resources:

Design Sites
Design Shard
Fudge Graphics
High Resolution Textures
Lost and Taken
Pattern Head
Six Revisions
Smashing Magazine
Spoon Graphics
Think Design

Splats & Brushes
176 popular deviations submitted in all of time in Textures for splat

Splatter Brushes by =ka05

WC Rhesus A Bta by WC Fonts

WC Rhesus B Bta by WC Fonts

Split Splat Splodge by

Blood and Splatter Brushes 2 by =Falln-Stock

free acrylic photoshop brushes

Brush Stroke

Free Photoshop Splatter Brushes

Photoshop Brushes – Paint Splatters

GoMedia Samples

Gradient Splats

High Res Splatter Brushes

Set2 Splat SprayCan brushes

SimpleSmudges .1. Brushes Pack

Splash Photoshop Brushes

Ink & Spaltters

Ink & Spaltters2

Free Download:Splatter Paint Photoshop Brushes

Dot Splatter Brushes

Dot Splatter vol 2

Dot Splatter vol3

Dot Splatter vol4

Ady’s Splatter

Splatter Brush

Huge Splatter


Super Crazy Splatter Brushes by ~WhirlwindZOR

Brush Pack – Splashes Of Paint

Splatter brushes

Ink Splatter

Blood and Ink

Large Splatter Brushes

Splatters (set of 23 Photoshop brushes)

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