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Artist, Musician, Computer geek & Software Engineer at Google.

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Tiger Roar!

Tigers are COOL everyone knows that, especially on your clothes. / Here is my Tiger Shirt / And here are some other peoples cool Tiger Shirts
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Living Dead Clothes

Just because Zombie are cool, here is my Zombie Tee and a bunch of others I think are cool: / Deadly Zombie Horde by BlackEel / The Damned by Chris Wahl / The Possessed Puppets by Steven Novak / ‘Black Zombie’ T-shirt by Emma Black / Zombie Pikachu by RPGesus / Zombie by Bizarro Art / zombies for dinner by vandal / Zombie by 316894 / Zombies! They Eat Your Brains To Gain Your Knowledg…
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Splat Resources

There is a splat challenge coming up on the Branded group, so I decided to put together this quick list of resources: / Design Sites / Arbent / BittBox / ColorBurned / Design Shard / / Fudge Graphics / High Resolution Textures / Lost and Taken / Pattern Head / Six Revisions / Smashing Magazine / Spoon Graphics / Think Design / Splats & Brushes / 176 popular deviations submitted in …
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Shameless Self-Promotion

Recently I’ve been putting extra effort into promoting my T-Shirts and Prints on RedBubble. To be honest, I haven’t seen any major results yet, but its early days still so fingers crossed. / But there are a number of things I have noticed about certain popular works on the site and a few things I know from my other career that I am hoping will help out. / So I thought I would share he…
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