What we have Forgotten.

We have forgotten the days where we spoke softly.
Where our trains had no destination
Where we just sipped coffee
Where we could talk and our words were not bitter
The phrasings in our lips were soft, like our touches
And we remembered all we had was each other
And the ocean was cold but we still went to the beach
And didn’t worry about the wetness on our feet
We were just together
Surrounded by all the blue
Sky, stretched
And time smiled but knew
That these sunny days would become scorched
And I curse the man that made love hurt
We were in a circle of ourselves
Skipping, and gripping our wrists, locked to one another
Because our red string was strong
But the tighter we gripped one another, the more we wanted it to hurt
We dug our nails in and watched the world turn
And we were oh so afraid
Of how the wind pushed us and how we couldn’t push back
How we rolled through the seasons like the leaves of an autumn
Only we had created a never ending season which we could not escape
Because now we had storms behind our eyes
And we blamed each other
How we breathed on glass and made the picture of ourselves murky
We can no longer skip gently with our sweaty soft fingers entwined
And everything is now a sharp gasp before a scream
For we have forgotten how to speak softly
And we no longer look toward each other but silently shake our heads
The things not screamed are left unsaid
We are beginning to lose our tight hurting grips
Some of which we should have kept, the ones that pulled me up and said
“I’m here with you, no one knows it better”
Because we burned the same memories into our skin
because we swam together in an ocean
that made us lose the feeling in our lips
And made us forget to say “don’t go” all the times we loosened our string
We are ragged, and clinging to each other
Wet by the cold water that had stained our bodied but not broken our skin
And we are crying for time to turn back
And we are screaming to the whistling wind
Because we have forgotten the days where we spoke softly

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It’s a very loud world.


speak, softly, love, beach, loud, yell


  • lilynoelle
    lilynoellealmost 4 years ago

    Milica, this is one of the better poems I’ve read in a while. It is brilliant work. I’m so proud of you! You know the film I was telling you about, Never Let Me Go? This piece could very well be the introduction to it! It fits perfectly. You have to see it!

  • aw thank you star!! And yes i really do want to go see it!!

    – bjeliMis

  • Jenifer DeBellis
    Jenifer DeBellisalmost 4 years ago

    Very nice, Milica. You seem to know exactly how to capture that pivotal moment of innocence lost.

  • Thanks jen =]

    – bjeliMis

  • Luisa Zajko
    Luisa Zajkoalmost 4 years ago

    You know that you are my kind of writer, Milica. This is great. Intro/conclusion line = magic. Everything in between = also magic.

  • thanks you=Awesome

    – bjeliMis

  • carnal
    carnalalmost 4 years ago

    Your work completely touches others! You have added to our lives and all who have been touched thank you also.

  • Thank you again oh so much!

    – bjeliMis

  • funwrite
    funwritealmost 4 years ago

    Isn’t it strange how me manage to turn on those who mean the most to us? This is a beautiful write! Congradulations!

  • thanks for reading !

    – bjeliMis

  • jeanni2010
    jeanni2010almost 4 years ago

  • thanks!!

    – bjeliMis

  • lilynoelle
    lilynoellealmost 4 years ago

    You completely deserve these features!

  • aw star thank you!!

    – bjeliMis

  • Valentina D
    Valentina Dalmost 4 years ago

    Amazingly beautiful and emotive writing…you weave words so beautifully together to create amazing images and evoke deep emotions
    “How we breathed on glass and made the picture of ourselves murky” ….sad but so exquisitely expressed
    love it !
    Congratulations on all your well deserved features. V :)xo

  • Thanks so much V! You’re words of praise are always appreciated!

    – bjeliMis

  • Kristin Reynolds
    Kristin Reynoldsalmost 4 years ago

    such a beautiful poem; it is a loud world, luckily, us poets were born with more sensitive ears—then, over the years of hearing more than others, another set grew that hear past the loud and into the quiet beneath.

  • Very true. We are silent listeners. Screaming from within.

    – bjeliMis

  • Andrew  Bailey
    Andrew Baileyalmost 4 years ago

    A lovely piece of writing. The trouble with speaking softly is that, no matter how hard one tries, life doesn’t hear you and tends to force its way in between you both. Sad but a reality. It can be rekindle though by deliberately opting out of everything that makes your life what it is, emptying your mind and listening for the soft as a summer wind words that come to caress you.

  • Thank you and yes i wish people realized that.

    – bjeliMis

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