Boris J

Boris J

Brooklyn, United States

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“I want my viewers to be engaged by my work; to Want to touch it and feel it and relate to the moment captured. I like the idea of the viewer of my work to personally interact with my paintings as opposed to being someone who just views an image as a stand-alone object.” says Boris Jairala, artist.

Boris works in a variety of mediums and his paintings are rendered in oil (high contrast colors, mostly) on canvas or wood panel and are complimented by custom-made frames. These frames become extensions of the painting itself as they are designed and built to compliment the subject and overall feeling expressed by the work. Essentially the painting and frame, integrated together, is the artwork – unseparable, but one.“My influence is my need to create, and how the results of that need can leave a personal impression on people. That it’s relationship to the viewer can create an appreciation for a single beautiful moment.His most recent “Candle” series focuses on one subject lit by a candle in the darkness. The frames are created from old doors and are stained and burned. A candle is suspended from the frame in the exact position of the rendered light source maintaining a physical light source complimenting the bright highlights and deep shadows of the painting. Some of the candle sconces are mechanical in that they can be raised to maintain the same light source as the candle burns down. “I believe my frames are the bridge between viewer and painting.”Born in Brooklyn, New York and receiving his Bachelors of Fine Arts from Brooklyn College, Boris is currently working full-time as a freelance artist.
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