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Sharon Bishop

Sharon Bishop

Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

I have a blog!

Hi all,
my daughter has just started a new job as marketing manager of Maliba Mountain Lodge in Lesotho and her first project was to send my husband and I (as photographer and journalist) to take pix and do a story on it. Thanks heavens we are still useful for something!
The pix and the story have been done and I duly downloaded images to all the travel sites I knew on the internet. However it didn’t seem right to have the images out of context and I felt there needed to be some accompanying text. So I started up a blog – well a photo log really. “Too arrogant” my youngest cried. I waivered a bit but decided to carry on anyway (I can do that now I’m older!!!!)
Over the past couple of years, my husband and I have done a fair bit of travelling on this continent (Africa) and we have been very lucky to see and visit places that many people don’t get to see due to free bed nights given to us by the eldest daughter. So I have ’arrogantly" started to document some of the places and an imals we have seen accommpanied by some text. So pop in if you will to : http://sharonb-photolog.blogspot.com/. Will be great to see you there :)
Sharon Bishop

Maliba Moountain Lodge, Lesotho

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