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I have been taking photos seriously for 7-8 years now, but photography has been a big influence in my life and a passion as long as i remember, i think thats why i’m still having such a love affair with film, although the body of my work is now on digital camera, i have a large collection of film cameras that i keep mostly for my own enjoyment, you just cannot re-create that feel!

My influences:

I hate the term “Urbex”, so much but i suppose “urban exploration” is the biggest influence i have at the moment, looking at what was, what is left behind, and having the honour of being able to see stuff that many don’t and that people miss on a day to day basis…..

Film photography again is very influential to me in how i like my Photographs to lokk, that washed out vintage feel, or that certain subtlety, or particular enhanced colour, i really love that…

and i suppose detail, i think this again follows on from the idea that we miss so much because we aren’t looking for it…..

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