“New Atlantis”

The ocean’s roar comes back to haunt / The balance of memory fallen / From another saline sea-with land legs / Still shakey, grapplin…


Sea shells lay on fireplace mantle / Waiting to be picked up and heard-in this room / The living dance to bring home the bread- this is now

Paper Burns

The darkness of creeper dancers against cold stone walls / Tigers crouching twilight syncopated monsters from the pit / Brush aside like th…


Disappointment lives in a share rental situation / With Paranoia and Grief. He has always wanted a small inexpensive flat / by himself, som…


In the taste of the potion proportion of poison / Scattered over ashes of lost knights honor-forgotten- / The white skull and cross-bones p…

Moon Lament

Deep down under the green moving ocean, those depths / That we cannot see / For the insignificant human eye / Only sees the moon.


He likes the patterns on the train station windows / They make reason with form, structure, boundaries / Straight lines, triangles, squares…

[C.O.R.E] Challenge #3 – Understanding betw…

“Fairy fandango” / When it seems as though the familiar light dims / The dusty soil crumbles / And Mixes with composting maple …


Clever glass jar, left ajar to the heart stimulants / Made from foxglove, diluted / Digitigrades dignified and gluttonous / On guinea flowe…


Let’s rise out of this skin / Shed it, falling leaves, tall shady trees / The sun drifts carelessly / Across the sky / His head warm on my …


To unite seasons, there can only / Be balance / Time, this universal matter / That does not exist / In solid form / Yet moves our lives, pu…

Three Feathers

Standing on the edge of a pier / Made of grey volcano rocks / Looking out to the swirling quicksilver seas / The drowning red of sunset / I…


The end is finite / The beginning, infinity.

Of Men and Doves

This is not a game of men and doves / But you’ll find this out when I slip backwards / Into the shadows at dusk, when you come / In shiveri…

Tourte Bow

The coffee boils in its steel pot / The milk rises bubbling and frothing / The rain keeps raining / As the rivers loose their banks / And o…

The Beggars Orchestra

The choral revolution / Begins with the third / Movement of the first symphony / The composer and the composed / Came to clash, over / The …

Before the World was Made

From Indian silk traders lines / They travelled through weather / Of high cheek bones / To cut off the cold / The nose wide, flat, / Not po…

Global Poverty of the Heart

In every house, through the looking-glass / Of double glazed windows, / The lounge suit matches to the colour of binaries / In the backgro…


Those scatter as if a finger has rippled over a string / Vibrating the full length, adding tones an octave lower / All leaning as the hand …


No need for directions, no need to steer a course / The stars sprinkle over the bay, waters calm / A pool reflection of the night sky / The…

After the First Death

And no one came to bury the dead / For the people in power made the decision instead / That those who could not see / Could not have seen w…

The Creative Process

In the glorious light of morning / He stands in front of the mirror, counting the bruises / With a curious sense of self-satisfaction / A t…

Now unearthed, the hallow tree

And over time, now unearthed, the hallow tree / Lays on its blackened side / Skinned down and whittled by the invisible hand / Holding the…

subversive no recompensado

Packed in, shoved in, and pulled in to stretch / Like the archers bow / The body stiff, the back bone rises / With naked dexterity

San Lazaro

In full view of the well worn freedom / Coming at such a price, he would whisper to the stranger passing-by / “Come into my arms, into my a…


As morning brushes the waves of hands reaching for other hands / Signaling the end of night, the end of beginnings not begun

The Island in the Middle of the Sea

Safe in their little cocoons, whilst the refugees were left / To fend for themselves on the island / In the middle of the sea.

Proof of Life

The highest price of her head / Wondering: how could I have been so wrong: / And knowing, no one gets out of this / Without blood on their …

Zero Gravity

The pieces of you, if they had ropes, and four horses / Arms and legs would be pulled from your body / And the pieces of you would be divi…


In the quiet times when tears fall easily / As the hand that they each let go so easily / Only it was not so easy after one finger had memo…

His Shoes

His shoes, sit neatly on the front porch / His brown leather shoes with the laces / Draped negligent over the holes, just a pair of shoes /…


so BE CAREFUL / For the thing that changes shape, the message / The audience receives is not always necessarily / The one sent. Though eve…

The FireFly Song

Clickety-clickety-cleckety-click / Her song so loud, so bright, exploding out / Of her chest, and joy rises up to embrace the sun / Higher …


Laying on damp grass it is / Hard to spy on the horses, / Now that he has cut all the buds / From the flowers.


Already inside her / Is the boat / And the rocking


The life sucked out of their veins / And like bird bones / Bleached / Sitting in glass jars / The mummification of lost souls / Suspended…


The woman sitting on the park bench / Thinks of this stranger / Of the oldest woman in the world / Dying, listening to the radio / With the…

Your Silence Today is a Pond where Drowned things…

In the shallow reefs / Are hard coral edges / Sharp with the white foam / That dances / With a cruelty to topple / Your toes walk around th…


The taste of aniseed / Wild dark nights / Stay longer than they are welcome / Running from the scene of the crime / Further from the cent…

The Chapter’s End

And you stop, half way through a sentence / With the pen dripping onto the page / And you think how on earth that went by so fast / All tha…


Watching, inquisitive / But never touching / Its shadow to touch / The flames shadow / The flame is rushing

The Ticking Clock

The expectations limp in / One by one, one after the other / Like domino pieces / That fall, / Each one a calculated strike.

The Land of Broken-Promises

No sailor, mariner, or general in clothes of gold / Can put his hands over his ears to try and drown it out / With my own heart beating thu…


Laying on the hard concrete ground / He opens his eyes with a deep primal growl / The temptation to fall / To fall


For the home is on an island / And the draw bridge is crumbled wet red-wood / It falls off in my hand / And it falls off / When you stomp …

The Medusa Cup (II)

The Mother Kills the Mother Killer / Bare Red Blood / Circling the Pack / Watch for the moon light / The Glint in my Eyes


Home / There is a storm outside rattling the door / There is a storm inside / Here / Between a past, the past

Syrup Delirium

Let the men with hatred / In their hearts / Go / We let them get away with it / In this Syrup delirium / Of plastic body parts and midnight…

Mother Television

In ancient times / They left them out on the open plains / And whoever survived / Being ravished by wolves / Or falling off a cliff


One day you will wonder where I went / The last remaining stitch / A thread on your coat.

Good Morning, Sunshine.

I would paint his fingers, his elbows and his smile / Coat him in fine white flour, dip pancake mixture / Along the inside of his ribcage /…

No Justice

I long to cling to memory / To hold it, as though it is a dream / That I never want to wake from

The First Taste

The first taste of movement-space of a borrowed night on a borrowed body nothing can be that morning sun coming in too quickly the day bein…

The Tin Man

Taking the straw bundles / He stuffs the straw inside his shirt / And his black pants / Polishes his black clown boots

The Medusa Cup

On a knifes edge / Dancing along the turning point / The loss of gravity / His hands red aflame


They will come back / To blame me / Once they have divided up / And torn my body –limb from limb / Taking the best morsel’s / Taking the be…

Two Love Poems

Where it makes other people feel better / If they think of you as a man / And not see you underneath me / Withering in pleasure, in surrend…

Liquid Fire

Fluid, liquid fire / She is radiant as the sun / She is a reason to begin / She is a seed slowly awakening

For Timothy 1984-2009

Out beyond the blue sky and the white clouds / I seem to remember you telling me / There are no white clouds / Only clouds that appear to b…

Wild Fire

light up, light up, the spark ignites / wild fires burning long into the night / burning burning deeper the flame / set the world on fire /…

From Neptune to Portland

Then knocking / Knocking / Rattling the bars around my heart / The undertow / Comes and takes me / Away

Urban Myths II. Amnesia

Stealing another culture from another tribe / Who raped and murdered in cold blood / Selling and buying their sacred lands / We trade in st…

The Death Card

Each age of man must live its course / Pulled by the strings of invisible / Hands, reaching out from the cosmos / Into the very heart

Urban Myths

The music doesn’t take away the pain / Cutting through the crowded bar / So I found myself a place to sit / Outside in the cold / Even thou…

Piper Nigrum

Ancho, poblano, habanero, Fresno, jalapeno / Like chilli’s I need to handle him with care / I must avoid rubbing my eyes and face / In his …


This is lust / It is craving / It is unrealistic / It is a high / And it is a low

The Black Mark

The black mark a roar / A roar loud enough to bring the white cockatoos from their trees / Loud deafening screeches…. / Drowning every noi…

Out of the Corner of Your Eye

Well fuck that. / I was brave once / And I fell so far


Human beings are complex creatures


I wear my fisher-mans hat / It makes me feel like I am real / And not the fiction / I make up in order to survive

Sea Tails

There is no icy wind / Out on this dock / The ocean is calm / Almost like a lake tonight / Do I know what I am doing?

Human Bodies

A human body / Is not a breathing heater / And cannot extinguish the cold

White Light

Breathe out / Come back here / This can’t be happening

Night Edges

For tomorrows and tomorrows rolling across the hills / As the clouds roll across the sky / No longer whispered between swollen lips

The Tombstone

Somewhere in the debris / You lost your heart / It didn’t happen over night

La arcada de la tentación

Desire and challenge / If only we could have wrestled on those mats / All night instead

St Micheal’ estrella del oro de s

where the shop girls have too much make-up on and snarl as they talk over the radio that blasts out “Hits of the 80’s”.

Sorrow Blanket

Her territory was the blanket over her head / The sound of the radio / Blasting

Zen Teaching

Never put makeup on when crying.


Just Breathe, you said, Just Breathe, here I am / I am here
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