Morse Code - …. . .-. . / .— . .-. . / -. --- / … .. --. -. … / – --- / .. – / .- -. -.. / .. – / Fingal’s Cave (Fingal’s Cave) In ancient times, the Egyptian priests used to tell of a single touch / With the flutter of wings of their holy bird / Could mend the bite… Semierc Aniola (Death of an Angel) There were no crowd gatherers as clouds of mist around the tomb / Pink petals did not dance delicately on the wind, / The stranger to him i… Truth is the Daughter of Time- Old Proverb When asked by the news reporters after the body has been removed, / All the by-standers give a different version of the same story. Snow I want to feel pain and not deny or neglect emotion / To begin as the archivist of the humble ant and the highest most distant star / Hold … Melbourne The tall thin runners pounding the Boulevard pavement / Do not stop to notice / How the other side of the bay / Is clear enough to see the … Guarding the Fort If you ever come looking for the Master of Thieves / Perhaps you may say he is waiting for the penny to drop / Or the robber to draw a cros… The Human Spirit When the hand of a stranger / Reaches for the hand of a stranger / Those tears running down / Your face are my tears The Map of Kept and Broken Promises We still have time to choose / Standing around a open fire burning the dearly departed The Rhinoceros (or an Ode to a Great Landing) where people had to dry their new washed clothes on the azure / clothes-horse in Battery Place, I am here drinking sun-juice on a hill / ma… Growing Pains the cage for the bird named the Hawk / a symbol of freedom, a mythological beast, bound, as we are / to the same mythological freedom " when they sleep, they dream not of angels … The sea is nothing like the God you set between us / Only man can twist words to fashion their own pitch-forks / The sea is nothing like th… Words of Love You have known the star-kiss touch of a feather / Falling, caressed by a golden bee / And the memory of honey and of mouths Buenos Aires What luck that I was in the world to see a bolt of lightening / But not to have known what it is to be struck / Be at peace. There is nothi… Neglect so many secrets / litter the pavement / brittle brown serrated maple leaves / crunch / wireless humming / undetectable sound / still, the e… Standing Still II That is obsolete when my bones scatter / Tea-cups shatter, limbs brittle batter Standing Still Nature sits too quietly for you to notice / Even in those moments of searing solitude / You are never completely alone Plantar Aspect In the world of her feet treading the master of distances / Each step is the hours hunting white rabbits / Pointing a toe to test for traps… Fire-Flies Dawn would have reminded me / That my courage is what is stops / My heart from bursting into tiny white light pieces / Or perhaps that coul… A Smoking Ship When there is a glimpse of escape called hope. I mean / Right as they are pinned down on the veterinary table / As the alien being swabs th… These Words Sky-bound sealed in an angels reprieve / The four hoof signs tracks / Lead me back through the snow / Gleaming enticingly on the horizon /… Captive Will he write tonight? Asks a shiver to a frown- / The apartment bends under the weight of the humidity / A cigarette broken in half, tobac… The Death of Poetry And the poet in reply / Has no fancy metaphors today. The poet is searching / For the inspiration he had / When he was writing poetry. That… Untitled The flat expanse of white orphaned emptyness / Beckons with aged hands to unbind the chains / Screaming a cry to the ancient enigma / of fl… Autumn Weave II Alone in a foreign city / A strangers smile is like finding a lost word on a page / Or the comfort of rain as it fills up buckets of lost t… Puzzles and Paradoxes The knocking noise your tongue makes / Pauses of the silence, spit-back to open a weary insessant scapula bite / Riding a nightmare of twin… Autumn Weave Sitting stiffly in her second-hand dress / On her patchwork step, neighbourhood cats / Gather for a regular feed tripping over her ankles Transubstantiation In his own time-at the last trumpet blast / He awakens to understand all languages, all acts / Of treason and all signs left behind. The co… Possession Dawn brings a line of homeless people with Hands outstretched / Feet Shuffling the impatience of a weight of the wake of daily bread / Coin… “New Atlantis” The ocean’s roar comes back to haunt / The balance of memory fallen / From another saline sea-with land legs / Still shakey, grapplin… Amaurosis The universe unfolds and implodes / It is the flicker of millions of stars dying / The human eye blinks and is blinded to time / And the sn… Fire Hidden in the body of adolescence / Caught in spot-lights, car-lights / stunned / At the houses burning running across / front lawns / Pict… The Suckling Desire of Change Twins sleeping in the womb of one body / The river of the life bringer denying / A masculine form-slink and sleek, blacker than a panther /… Atonement This is the stop sign / The dead end street Microcosmos Are laying on the floor as crash test dummies / Waiting for the paramedics to arrive / And the glass doesn’t touch them / It just kee… These Precious Moments Revolving doors crash the heal of the slow man / Wincing emerald eyes of a glass pamphlet / G seven walks on insect legs-your voice singing… A Letter from One Writer to Another There is a place / Where skies are always the bluest / You have the capacity to enter / Yet always forget the exact place Mephisto: In nomine domini And after days of fighting and attacking each other / The mob took the hautboy out / Into the fields and tied him to a post The Writers No one blames the great writers of the past / For being the bastards that they were. Waiting Sea shells lay on fireplace mantle / Waiting to be picked up and heard-in this room / The living dance to bring home the bread- this is now Melancholy The cat gives up chasing the mouse / Fangs and claws and jaws twitching whiskers / Make big eyes of conversations / That only take dead end… The Tenth Realm-Hall of Records Cage, cage, cage, rib-cage, heart bird-cage / Sings less with poisoned bird seed- dead bird / Or the little creature is stunned, legs in … anaesthetised Human hand-shape of ape-ET / Pointer finger / Nightly dinner news Royal Wedding Contract / In small print, one million die / from Malnutrit… Her White Shape Finding cinema stubs, photographs, souvenirs, keep-sakes, / Pressed flowers-leaflets from AA, red ink smudged letters from the bank, / A bo… Regret Regret was married once to Freedom / But she left when Sadness slinked in as a black stray-cat / Who stayed well beyond both their welcome The Last Coyote We may have seen the last of your kind / Backs bent down as low as the ground / Don’t look for poetry in the hard-copy pages / ItR… In the Moment He sleeps, the warm beads of perspiration matting hairs on his chest / Lashes long and curled in a perfect half circle- / The rain / Falls … Amoroso (tenderly) A slow movement of tropical rain falling on wet stones / Performing it’s own unique single stanza of harmony / Of the weeping and a … Una Corda (one string) With a feverish pitch the city refuses to sleep tonight / Left to a wandering lyre gazing upon the ancestry of violins / Bellowed out from … Paper Burns The darkness of creeper dancers against cold stone walls / Tigers crouching twilight syncopated monsters from the pit / Brush aside like th… The Reader When you’re gone, / I will hold each one of them / And read each line that your eyes read / I will see what you have seen / The voice… Circle III We will not forget you: / You will be the only one with a pulse / Dinning on the feast of the dead. salud por el fuego y la lluvia (joy in fire and r… tomorrow is passion, where hot bread with a soft centre / and crunchy on the crust, is cut up into squares to drop into / vegetable soup. … En la tierra de la leche y de la miel Mercy of the banshee’s cry, waking to / The sound of broken glass, falling into wheelie bins and imaging / The cascade of splinter biscuits… Traces A beach, bright sunlight, the smell of fresh cut wild-fennel / On the most familiar rolling green hills- the place / Where his father let g… Disappointment Disappointment lives in a share rental situation / With Paranoia and Grief. He has always wanted a small inexpensive flat / by himself, som… Vanilla In the taste of the potion proportion of poison / Scattered over ashes of lost knights honor-forgotten- / The white skull and cross-bones p… Beautiful She stands in front of the bathroom mirror / The spotlights of sun stream in through the tiny gap / In the toilet, water-marked window, mou… Sun-Kissed (for Shane-Elijah) The sun kisses your face, your skin / the way I want to, I want to curl up / disintergrate, loose my “self” and find it / in crumbling my b… Moon Lament Deep down under the green moving ocean, those depths / That we cannot see / For the insignificant human eye / Only sees the moon. Train-Station He likes the patterns on the train station windows / They make reason with form, structure, boundaries / Straight lines, triangles, squares… [C.O.R.E] Challenge #3 – Understanding betw… “Fairy fandango” / When it seems as though the familiar light dims / The dusty soil crumbles / And Mixes with composting maple … Ellipsis Clever glass jar, left ajar to the heart stimulants / Made from foxglove, diluted / Digitigrades dignified and gluttonous / On guinea flowe… Untitled And on the way, the traffic coming over the bridge / Takes a wrong turn-off, the council workers / Forget their organic orange witch-hats /… Falling Let’s rise out of this skin / Shed it, falling leaves, tall shady trees / The sun drifts carelessly / Across the sky / His head warm on my … Heliopolis To unite seasons, there can only / Be balance / Time, this universal matter / That does not exist / In solid form / Yet moves our lives, pu… Three Feathers Standing on the edge of a pier / Made of grey volcano rocks / Looking out to the swirling quicksilver seas / The drowning red of sunset / I… xvii. Under the stars with chocolate bar fingers / Sticky from tracing thunderstorm warnings / Saving the tomatoes, brushing the cat-fur coat / O… Time The end is finite / The beginning, infinity. Seasons of Lovers (a reply) My love / These wires / Connect / North to south, east to west, / Fall to monsoon / I will wait with you / For the seasons call. Of Men and Doves This is not a game of men and doves / But you’ll find this out when I slip backwards / Into the shadows at dusk, when you come / In shiveri… Fire Moon At night / The mice run away / With the tin-colour lights / And are we are back in our room / Twilight stars and comets / Scattered over th… The Lost Feather His heart is being plucked / But that does not stop / His lungs from expelling air / So the tune can fly / Bereft of one lost feather. Blood Oranges Growing, groaning / Your beauty glows / Under my finger tips / Dusting my skin / Revelling in the pollen / - My fingers, tongue, and nose … Tourte Bow The coffee boils in its steel pot / The milk rises bubbling and frothing / The rain keeps raining / As the rivers loose their banks / And o… Centre Stage She sings the loudest / When she isn’t really there / She thunders the wire stage / With electricity and takes the centre cross-mark / She… The Beggars Orchestra The choral revolution / Begins with the third / Movement of the first symphony / The composer and the composed / Came to clash, over / The … Que Dios Duerne (God is Sleeping) The City of Night / Is cleansed of the day’s sins / In the throat that swallows-back / The tears of beauty’s bed and / Tosses and mumbles … The Last Angel of Buenos Aires All the rubbish, plastic bags / Would fill the sky / With a blanket of gas-mask smoke / And the fish would fall from the clouds / The earth… Perpetual Yielding a halo of flowers / In the red water-blended desert gas-stop / As a tear falls upon the course narrow frame / It could have been t…
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