Riddle # 1

These are harsh weighted days

This is flesh and blood and redemption

You are there

In the un-touched guitar- collector of dust



In the song

Of a bird lightly sketching the sky


Translucient-you are there in it all

The palest white imaginable

Love and sorrow pluck invisible strings

Conductor’s with frown marked forhead’s

Leaning over midnight

Search for you in the lines of the bars

I know you are there



With agile feet

The angels suffer to walk on earth

Yet they do with burning foot-prints


I know you are there

And if I do not believe

Then I am nothing

My words of honor mean nothing

The river of sorrow

Twists and turns cutting deep grooves

Through the landscape

The high tide that rushes tumbling violence

Roars your name hidden between the folds of waves

All the water in all the world eventually evaporates

Still your fingers slide through it.


And in silence I know you are there.

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