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Thanks to Mandi Whitten
for introducing me to RedBubble!

If there is an addiction in my life, it is that of taking photos.

My home is in the Australian Outback… where I can be witness to nature’s extremes .

I have a fascination for the smaller things, the insignificant, and the quirky.
Photographing flowers, especially roses, is a joy.

My cameras, a magic little SONY CYBERSHOT DSCN1,and my trusty FUJI FINEPIX S8000, are my constant companions :)
In March 2011 I acquired a 2nd hand Canon 350D and am getting used to the very different approach this brings. It has its favourite situations ;)

My hope is that you will view something which you enjoy.. perhaps even enough to purchase it ! ;)

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Benjamin Disraeli said
“The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but reveal to them their own.”

I like to think that on RedBubble we do reveal the riches of each other, and share in them, as well!

“Composition will be the door you walk through every outing, light will be the keys”
a quote from

If you like what you see- You can also see some of my works HERE

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Thanks for the FEATURE :))

Darling River Anabranch / featured in Rural NSW / :D
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A Feature! Thankyou :D
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At Last!!

I will soon have my first DSLR :) / It is only 2nd hand, and small, but , it will be a fantastic entry to the world of changing lenses, shooting RAW and decent focus tools , and it’s what I could afford .:) / My new companion is a CANON 350d a “REBEL”.with 2 kit lenses and a remote control shutter release,bag, etc. / he is currently being cleaned/serviced I hope nothing d…
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I am still around...

however am somewhat pre occupied by ‘real life’ at present ,with a very ill and frail parent . / I hope that your 2011 is providing you with inspiration,challenges and a sense of accomplishment. :) / Take care / B
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