Crackle Medium

I have been wanting to try “crackle Medium” for a long time so I bought myself some Derivan Crackle Medium.

I tried it on paper, as I was hand painting a collagraph print. I was using Gold Matisse paint over… matisse paint.

The results I have got are “O”……I have tried three times now. I would like some advice on Crackle Medium. Please post examples if you have any…show us what you have done…..

Hopefully I will get a result soon!



  • Kerryn Madsen-Pietsch
    Kerryn Madsen-...over 3 years ago

    Belinda – Derivan produces the water based Matisse product MM23 Cracking Medium (water-based) which I presume you are using.
    Here is the link for their application instructions.

    I have used both turps and water based brands and all have given time factors to work within. Thickness application is another variance as is what paint you use below and above.

    The link should help you out. Good luck.

    Also I’ve known artists who’ve used hair dryers too (Jo Sonya products) to help drying/cracking processes along. It’s all experimentation and familiarization regarding products being used.

  • Kerryn Madsen-Pietsch
    Kerryn Madsen-...over 3 years ago

    And even better, here is the link to the Matisse cracking medium video.