Returning to RB

Hey everyone!
It’s been… nearly a year since I last uploaded? Something like that. For that, I apologize. I got caught up with deviantART, which became my primary source of promoting my photography.
However, I came to realize how much I missed the professionalism of this community. Everyone’s comments are (usually) more in-depth and constructive, which is what we all need if we want to improve our standard of work.
So, I’m back, and I have nearly a year’s worth of images to upload. Don’t worry, I won’t do it all at once!

How about a little update for what’s going on in my life?

Well, this summer was my first year of storm chasing. Every storm we were on had incredibly photogenic structure, so prepare yourself to see some of nature’s strangest weather in my gallery. Tomorrow looks like it’ll be the last chase of the season. It probably won’t be a huge storm structure event, but there is a slight possibility that we’ll see a storm drop tube after tube (nice little condensed tornadoes). I chase with my friend Chris Allington, who is an experienced forecaster and chaser. Wish us luck tomorrow!

And finally, a question for you. What’s new with your life? Tell me! =)

Thanks for reading,

Evan Ludes

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