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Rhode St. Genese, Belgium

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My name is Bill Funk, an American living in Belgium since 1966 and work as a tech in a recording studio in Brussels. I play bass guitar in a local band and I also play photographer wherever I can and have no plans on quitting the daytime job:-)

All my work is photography based, and much of it involves manipulation and photocollage based on my own images, unless it`s a collaboration with another artist. Much of my pf was shot on film and scanned to digital, but I now use a Canon 5D MK1.

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Sleepless over Faves

So it finally happened. / One of my most popular pictures, Sleepless in Manhattan , has been on RB for over 6 years. Over those years it`s had its fair share of comments, features (48), sales (total of 70), views (over 26,000)… and faves. And I said to myself a while back that if it ever gets to 500 I`d be so amazed that I`d write a journal about it… / Funny thing is, as it`s been a…
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You Don't Have to Paint to be an Amazing Artist !

Peter Kay is a great example. A true artist at the absolute summit of his craft. / It’s not only about content, it’s as much about timing, delivery and knowing just how far you can go without going over the top and this guy’s got it down to perfection. / So if you’ve got the time, watch this through to the end. It’s fabulous. / For me, none of those songs will ever…
Posted about 1 month – 24 comments

FINALLY... I can buy the Harley !!

It’s been exactly 4 years since I shot this picture of son-in-law Art on this amazing Harley V-Rod in Rossmeyer’s Ormond Beach showroom… / 4 years of thinkin’ Jeeze, if I only had the dosh to buy that puppy I’d ride it to heaven and back. 4 years of working myself to the bone and focusing intensely on that fabulous dream that I prayed one day would come true… …
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Found My Religion in SoJie 22 !

MY WORK HAS BEEN NOMINATED FOR SoJie 22! / / Sleepless In Manhattan / by billyboy /   /   / / Losing My Religion / by billyboy /   /   /    Join me at the Juried Invitational Exhibition… /   / I am very excited to have my art selected, from over 73000 works of art, to exhibit in SoJie 22. SoJie 22 takes its name from the first letters of Solo…
Posted 10 months – 137 comments