Before I worked in the recording studio, I worked for the studio owner’s father in the packaging industry.
In fact, what many studio customers don’t know is that the ICP in ICP Studios stands for Inter-Chemicals and Plastics, which was the original name of the father’s company.

Anyway, my job was designing packaging machinery, mostly for the record industry… machines that wrapped CD’s and cassettes (and vinyl LP’s!!) in shrink wrap and blister packs, machines that automatically sorted customer orders with barcode reading and label printing, and even machines that UN-packed CD’s and stuffed them into envelopes that were sold separated from their cases in the shops to avoid theft. I designed the machines mechanically and electrically, managed the production, did the electric wiring myself and supervised installation and after sales support, often spending weeks at customers mainly in Germany, Holland and the UK. It was very hard work and I had very little time for much else.

But I still was taking pictures in those days, and also making stuff. And as our workshop was filled to the brim with a treasure chest of machine parts, tools and mechanical measuring instruments… it was these things which were constantly surrounding me that started to influence my creativity.
So one day I just borrowed a bunch of mechanical stuff and started arranging the parts on a plate of anti-slip aluminum. And when I was happy that I couldn’t get it looking any more insane, I glued the pieces onto the plate… and took a picture just in case something happened to it…

Which was ultimately a good idea cause I hung it onto daughter Melanie’s door just about the time her teenage hormones started to reach ignition point. The glue was pretty hard core stuff, but there’s no way it was gonna withstand the force at which she slammed her bedroom door repeatedly over a period of one month. I did try re-glueing, but in the end it all just got to be too much trouble… and so I sadly picked up the pieces from the floor and put them back into the drawers where they lived (and were probably much happier) in the company workshop… and totally forgot about the picture.
Until now.

Please check out the big view.
And thanks for stopping by :-))


  • Wolfdocter
    Wolfdocterover 3 years ago

    Unique, nice one mate!

  • Thanks David, and yeah he is kinda unique… you won’t see anyone like him lurking around anywhere outside my pf :-)
    Thanks for dropping by!

    – billyboy

  • Redviolin
    Redviolinover 3 years ago

    mmmmmm….I love it when you make stuff ….lol….

    Exquisite Billy

  • Thanks for that, but watch out…
    This guy digs Wedgetail Eagles and skeletal fish and he’s got really sharp metal munchin’ teeth.
    Maybe you better hide some of YOUR stuff till he’s had dinner :-)
    Cheers for the fave!!

    – billyboy

  • geoff curtis
    geoff curtisover 3 years ago

    Clever stuff Billy Boy.

  • Cheers Geoff, spoken by a true fellow gearhead (just checked out your equipment list :-))
    Thanks for the fave!!

    – billyboy

  • LisaMM
    LisaMMover 3 years ago

    very clever, very effective. Great job.

  • Thanks Lisa, nice to see ya!
    And yeah, it WAS kinda cool… sad to see it slowly demolished by teen angst :-(
    But even that was kinda cool cause it gave the picture a history and a story that it wouldn’t have had if the thing had just hung on the door forever intact.
    Cheers for the fave :-))

    – billyboy

  • Mel Brackstone
    Mel Brackstoneover 3 years ago

    My goodness but you’re a multi-talented young man! Love this Bill!!

  • Yes Mel, young.
    Dunno about the multi-talented thing…
    But young?
    Well spotted :-)))
    Cheers for the love… and the fave!!

    – billyboy

  • Traceyisanozzy
    Traceyisanozzyover 3 years ago

    Chain curlz?! :)
    Pretty amazing spanner nosed, cog headed character Billy….and I don’t wanna even think about what Melanie’s door ended up looking like with the force of all that metal slamming against it repeatedly over those teenage years ;)
    IRobot would be insanely jealous….I’m jealous of those fantastic curlz! Mmmmmm

  • See Tracie? I always had a thing about hair. Even when I wuz building stuff and workin with my hands. But it wasn’t till I joined RB that I got seriously into manes, you know what I’m sayin?

    And since you mentioned, I’ll tell you about Melanie’s door…
    After my metal collage bit the dust, the door slam lacked a bit of attitude, so one day she decided to kick it instead. Did the trick like a treat. And as it was a cheap hollow door with only a thin panel of wood on either side, the kicks resulted in two holes about the size of a Doc Martin toe.
    I didn’t feel like shelling out for a new door until the hormones calmed down, so found this plastic stuff that you cut the size of the door panel, peel off the backing paper and stick it over the panel not even worrying about air bubbles. Then you simply take a hair dryer and blow it on the plastic… and amazingly it shrinks to a tight film that completely covers any holes or blemishes. I got it in a blue that ultimately matched the Santucary walls perfectly, so in fact it even looks better than the original finish.
    Funny how things work out, yeah?
    And don’t be jealous of the curlz. He neva had a proper mane :-)
    Cheers for the fave!!

    – billyboy

  • monaiman
    monaimanover 3 years ago

    Cool and Genius .. I like the hair and the piercing in the nose :):)

  • Thanks Mona!
    I guess the nose piercing thing was to make up for my reluctance to do it to my own nose. That’s why it’s good therapy makin stuff from metal. Nuthin’ hurts!!
    Cheers for stopping by!

    – billyboy

  • Druidstorm
    Druidstormover 3 years ago

    Metal Micky! Classic design Billy; well-done mate!!!…)o(

  • Malcolm, Metal Micky’s got a good ring… might just change and go with that title:-)
    Appreciate your digging this mate, and cheers for favin’ !!

    – billyboy

  • Wendi Donaldson
    Wendi Donaldsonover 3 years ago

    Sweet story, Billy….and great to get to know a little bit more about you! …you’re an amazing guy! LUV the daughter story! :)) …oh and the pic isn’t bad either! LOL killer eyebrows!

  • Hiya Wendi!
    Thanks for digging the story AND the picture!
    Just be careful what you wish for… knowing more about what goes on in my head could end up in you having REALLY bad nightmares. Just sayin so’s I don’t get sued or nuthin :-)
    Cool you noticed the eyebrows… when I looked at this after posting, that’s actually the first thing that stood out for me. Serious rack & pinion, yeah?
    Cheers for stopping by with the smiles :-))

    – billyboy

  • mikepaulhamus
    mikepaulhamusover 3 years ago

    interesting story and nice pic of what gears turn that mind, cool.

  • Thanks Mike, the gears were def turning the day I put this thing together!
    Btw, the son of my mate who owns the studio was in NYC on July 9th… saw Derek hit his 3000th at the Stadium. WOW I was jealous.
    Oh well, maybe when he does no. 4000 I’ll make it on over !!
    Thanks for the visit!

    – billyboy

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