Summer vacation was late this year. And with good reason… there as no WAY we were gonna miss my new grandson’s baptism on the 22nd of September in Montreal.

And of course I took an obscene amount of pics, lots of which turned out random. So I thought OK, the few that were decent I’d post here so you guys could see how cute the little guy was on his big day :-)
But as I started to look through the shots I realized how difficult it was gonna be to pick out only a few…

So what I decided to do was post one which I thought said the most about the event and flood my description with a bunch of others that I couldn’t resist sharing. If you don’t make it to the end, no biggie. You clicked on Luigi’s Big Day and that’s enough to make mine.

All taken with Canon EOS 5D MkI with EF100 mm lens and no flash.

Main pic: Mel, Art and Luigi relaxing and lookin’ amazing at the post event reception.

Below: Art & Luigi chillin’ out a few days before. Still had the original sin… not that you`d know it :-)

Some of you will have seen this on Facebook… def a chip off the ol’ block !
Taken by my wife Bev. Kinda jealous about that as it happens…

Luigi got his amazing eyes from his mom… but it was Grandma Bev who planted the blue gene…

Melanie is always severely critical of pictures of herself. Nuthin’s eva quite right. But I actually don’t give a hoot cause the only thing that loves her more than my lens is her dad :-)

Just thought I’d throw this one in… he looks petrified. Think I would be too !
Another one by Bev !!

OK, so the kid knows he’s a star… morning of the big day and the only one not stressin’ out :-)

Here’s a couple from the photo shoot of the dressing. I tried to stay out of the way of the hired photographer… they don’t actually NEED to look at the camera, right ?? Silk outfit courtesy of the godparents uncle Gianni and aunt Roberta. Fashion accessories 18 carat !





My 100 mm lens allowed me to get a closeup take on the ceremony. Godmother Roberta assisting. Been practicing in the bathtub for nearly 6 months. Piece of cake :-)

And speaking of pieces of cake… this one so didn’t fail to amaze. Best turquoise flavored icing I eva tasted !!

Bless you all for lookin’ :-))


Here’s one of the little guy and his granddad looking more ‘normal’ than usual… didn’t last for long…

… and a similar one of gramma. She didn’t stay ‘normal’ for very long neither :-)

Finally, a shot of Luigi at work at his work station. Gonna be so cool when he gets his first Mac !!!




  • Christina Brundage
    Christina Brun...11 months ago

    Just fabulous, wonderful!!!! My favorites – 1, 3 and 7. I love the look he has as if he is philosophizing about the world he has entered into!!! Congratulations to all of you!

  • That look was amazing Christina, and he was flashing it all day long… made him seem so grown up all of a sudden. I guess there`s nuthin’ like a baptism to turn a little tyke into a little man :-)
    Thanks so much for the appreciation and the congrats !!

    – billyboy

  • Shanina Conway
    Shanina Conway11 months ago

    Adorable BB:)
    Thanks for sharing the special day xox

  • So cool of you to stop by Shanina, and cheers for the adoration :-)

    – billyboy

  • Poete100
    Poete10011 months ago

    Beautiful family…your grandson is adorable…!!!

  • Lorraine, he doesn`t know it yet… but yes, he is.
    And I`d be surprised if he doesn`t end up breaking a few hearts along the way to finding out.
    Thanks for the visit :-)

    – billyboy

  • Chris Brunton
    Chris Brunton11 months ago

    They are all so special …. Even the ones with you in them!!!!

  • Thanks Chris, I`m actually gonna take that as a compliment. (I think)
    Nice to see ya !!

    – billyboy

  • Barbara Morrison
    Barbara Morrison11 months ago

    Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous family and event! Love the Christening outfit!

  • It`s cool you dig the outfit Barbara. Cause it cost almost twice as much as the new designer suit I got for the occasion ! Add that to the gold accessories and he`d make any self respecting coke dealer look like a bum !
    Thanx for gorging :-)

    – billyboy

  • evon ski
    evon ski11 months ago

    wow O wow O WOW!!! These are stunning Billy! Beautiful family – ALL of you! and your daughter’s a goddess! Look at that sweet lil guy. the beloved angelbaby. Love all the different shots and that one with you is a really fab pic! Thanks for sharing bb. x

  • Ms. Ski, it`s like I explained to Art on the night… Melanie simply lights up the room. Even when it`s filled with as many amazing people as the reception hall was that night. Needed my farken sunglasses to give her a kiss on the cheek :-)
    As for the angelbaby, sunglasses wouldn`t even work. Just had to accept total blindness. With pleasure :-))
    Thanks for the appreciation, and ya made my day just by reminding me of the beauty…

    – billyboy

  • Linda Lees
    Linda Lees11 months ago

    Congratulations Billy, you have a wonderful family! Great shots, I adore the one with you and Luigi looking and laughing at each other. A lovely record of a special family day.

  • Linda, he was actually laughing at my hair. But it was an amazing moment that actually made me feel happy about my abnormality. So it’s all good :-)
    Thanks for adoring, and for appreciating the love !!

    – billyboy

  • Mel Brackstone
    Mel Brackstone11 months ago

    You really know how to share an event, Bill! Gorgeous! Congratulations to you all!

  • Cheers Mel, you really know how to congratulate a share :-))

    – billyboy

  • fernblacker
    fernblacker11 months ago

    Gorgeous Bill, congratulations to you all!!

  • Thanks for that Fern, cool of you to stop by :-)

    – billyboy

  • Josie Jackson
    Josie Jackson11 months ago

    I am so thrilled that you have shared this precious moment with us Billy, what an amazing family. Your grandson is such a beautiful boy and I love his outfit and the look in his eyes, he’s just Gorgeous. I so love the one of the boyth of you smiling at each other, that is priceless. Melanie is gorgeous and takes a wonderful photo as does Luigi and Art is so photogenic, his eyes say it all. Also love that b&w shot. Thank you so much for sharing these moments Billy. I made it to the end a few times, such a joyous occasion. :o)xox

  • Thanks so much Josie, for that appreciation and total understanding of what this post was about. Not only the event itself, but the amazing karma our Montreal family generates so effortlessly. The proof being that it’s virtually impossible to take a bad picture of any of them, and that includes the parents, the grandparents, the sons, the cousins, the friends… and especially the kids. I said in my description that lots of my shots were random. That’s only cause they weren’t sharp from camera shake. Nuthin’ to do with the subjects :-)
    And if you looked through to the end several times, you’re probably pretty photogenic yerself !

    – billyboy

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