Who Dunnit?

Don’t know actually. Someone with amazing kindness and good taste bought a card of These Boots Were Made for Scratchin’ and so it would really be cool if I knew who it was so I could thank them personally.

Also, I want to tell anyone who’s interested and may not know about the calendars… I made a couple last night and they look good and think they’ll make excellent Christmas gifts, especially knowing they’ll be of excellent quality like all RB stuff. They’re really easy to do as long as your images are uploaded large enough to print at the required size, but the service isn’t really well advertized, so some of you might have missed it. From your Bubble, just click on Calendars, then on Add a New Calendar, and follow the leads. When you’ve finished, click on Buy/Preview too check out the result without obligation to buy. Piece of cake!

That’s it for now… back to doing some commenting. And thanks again, whoever dunnit!

Cheers, BB

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