Goin walkabout...

Just thought I’d tell anyone who’s interested that I’ll be in the UK for the better part of next week and will only have limited access to a PC. It will be way painful as I am addicted to RB, and I won’t be able to do much commenting, and definitely no uploading…

I know you guys will be having fun while I’m gone… jeeze, maybe I should just forget the trip and stay put and tell my wife to take the shuttle on her own. Of course, if I did that, she would remove my skin and feed it to the cats slowly while I watched… so not a good idea. Guess I’ll just grin and bear it!

NOTE: This does NOT mean that you guys can’t comment on my stuff, or shop for my T-shirts, or buy my cards and framed prints… all that stuff is definitely still OK while I’m gone… OK, so I’m delusional.


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