Rhode St. Genese, Belgium

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My name is Bill Funk, an American living in Belgium since 1966 (yup, I’m 60+ :-) and work as a tech in a recording studio in Brussels. I play bass guitar in a local band and I also play photographer wherever I can and have no plans on quitting the daytime job:-)

All my work is photography based, and much of it involves manipulation and photocollage based on my own images, unless it`s a collaboration with another artist. Much of my pf was shot on film and scanned to digital, but I now use a Canon 5D MKIII.

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A Feline Tribute

If you clicked on this, then there’s a good chance you know Scratch. / The cute, photogenic little Siamese kitten who’s been the subject of some of my favorite and most popular posts on RB. / I’m sad to say he passed away this morning having been an essential member of our family for over 18 years. / Since these pictures were taken, all of them originally on film, the little guy…
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I have to say that I understand RedBubble`s need to promote product sales. / And I can`t really complain cause I`ve netted over 500 Euros simply by having my stuff available without even giving a rats hoot about selling products… if someone wants to rest their head on a B&W Manhattan city skyline pillow that`s totally cool with me. / What does bother me though, is that when visitors hit…
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I Hope I'm Not Offending Anyone With This...

Flickr. Humph. That silly red & blue dot logo. / For me it was synonymous with tack. / Like when I joined RB 7 years ago I knew some people who had work on Flickr… they’d send me links and I’d check out some of the other art while I was there. Snapshots and silly comps. Stoopid pictures that got these RAVE comments and invites to groups and stuff and I thought how could people think these…
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Easy Button Blues

Maybe someone can help me? / I used the Easy Button to place an image in one of my descriptions and the resulting image was small, even using the large feature format. / I seem to recall there was a new version of the Easy Button and so maybe the one I`m using is obsolete… but then, I might have been dreaming. Wouldn`t be the first time. And probably won`t be the last :-) / Anyone who kno…
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