I have spent my life as a performer and since picking up a camera, it’s the performing arts
that continues to fuel my passion to create.

I also have a love for capturing children at play
and in moments of reflection.

You’ll find more of my work at

My email is belinda at

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I am here...

Sorry for my absence and lack of correspondance with my favourites lately. I really am still here and am enjoying everyones additions to thier portfolio. / But terribly headspun with lots of stuff lately. Namely learning how to use my lights (who would have thought an available light fanatic could get hooked so easily!). And I am on a steep learning curve in Photoshop. Ohhh what fun! / I wish th…
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How about "Red Bubbly" by the bottle (and cheaper by the dozen) for an idea?

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bubble bubble... no toil or trouble...

What a wonderful world of bubble we have entered! It’s so inspirational to be able to view so many wondefully talented artists and have the opportunity to learn so much. Thankyou to RedBubble for providing / such a user-friendly interface and allowing us to share our work. / Perhaps in the future we can look forward to sharing some constructive criticism which will enable us to learn from …
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