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I am 48 years old and beginning a new journey, I have bought a salvage Gold Wing GL1500SE which I am rebuilding to join a motorcycle prison ministry. The bikes name is Born Again she will be used to illiterate how the Lord works in our lives to bring us a fresh start, how he rebuilds us into new creations.
I have multiple sclerosis and bulked at God’s vision of me as a biker once more, both due to my physical limitations as well as financial. He then gave me a vision to build Born Again and to trike her out. The work has and is slow and tedious but in his perfect timing she will be his to use as he pleases in the prison ministry. At times I get impatient wanting to be done and on the road doing his work, but I know when it is time all will fall together and it must be his timing not mine. He miraculously seems to create finances where there are none to spare. I no longer ask how or where, he is teaching me patience.

My work background is: 8 years with juvenile delinquents , three years with federal and state prisoners, three years with mentally handicapped with behavioral problems, and three years working with the elderly, plus a few years restaurant and store work as well as two years a security guard.

My childhood was spent for the most part in juvenile delinquent homes my parents worked in as residential house parents.

I truly work at not letting my background jade my feelings about things but at times it takes work.

The following is a link to help me fund Born Again

  • Age: 50
  • Joined: October 2009


Thank you to all those who have taken time view my work and time to comment on it !

My writing is so much more simplistic than many of y’all. I do realize I could use some work in the linguistic department, and I hope to learn much from the wonderful writers here at redbubble. I am so very grateful for all of the kindness that is here on redbubble, the support system here is wonderful. Having the opportunity to say what I feel in writing is such a relief. To feel as th…
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my planned back cover to the book I am writting

This is a story of loss of innocence, emotional, physical, sexual, and physiological abuse. A story of the loss of one self to the self discovery. A story of tryump over extreme odds. the story of discovering ones self worth. It is a story in which I hope to take you very high up on life, but also will have times spiraling down into the pits of the very bowels of the sewers of life. A story of m…
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