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Pontécoulant, France

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I’ve been around the Internet since 1997, but I’ve been drawing this type of artwork since my early teens. I really enjoy working with pencil and ink. Maybe one day I’ll be a big brave boy and try colour.
Though I really would like to try it digitally, I’m currently dabbling with Photoshop and find I’m enjoying it more than being frustrated by it. Big change of events that is for me, normally I’d be looking for a glass of water to pour down the back of the PC after 10 minutes!

Got myself a website which you can find here: (copy and paste)

And you can find a lot more of my stuff over at DeviantART here:

I live in Normandy, France. Been here since Aug ‘04 and are still enjoying it, the pace of life here is slow and I find I can keep up with it a lot easier without getting worn out. Listen to me, I sound like I’m due for a hip replacement!!

Still not too sure what I want to do with my life, but what I’m doing right now I’m happy with. I’m a fully qualified carpenter/joiner which helped big time with the renovation of the house we bought. I also got to enjoy doing plumbing and the electrics too. House hasn’t flooded or burnt down as yet so I must have done something right.

Can’t think of anything else to peck out on the keyboard right now, so I’ll leave it at that for now. Thanks for reading.


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