I am an Artist Craftsman/designer based here in Arkansas. I love Art in any form but have recently fell hard for the digital aspect of creating, digital design which I see as a limited-less medium is fantastic! I only hate that I was late to the party “So to speak”. Being late to the digital form I have some making up to do, to that end I have many styles some of which will make it here to Red Bubble brand new and a few will be re-vamped from another page, with that said “ALL” my designs are original and one of a kind I welcome comments so feel free and I hope you enjoy my work.

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Just saying hello

I just finished uploading my first efforts to RedBubble, the colors looked fine when they left my machine however by the time they made it to the site they (the colors) were looking a bit washed out ,perplexed and drained from reading the help topics I clicked the chat now button a polite and very helpful woman named Donna set me straight at 2:45 A.M.“WOW”… thanks to her I expec…
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