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#00FF00 is alive and free

Had a few moments to spare, so I put my lab coat on and the glasses with extra thick lenses, then smashed some atoms, sheared a few genes, and got jiggy with some diodes to create a 3d version of my little mate #00FF00 …

Entertaining the masses

Keeping the bar safe

Bubble mail me for your very own copy – fun for the whole family. Just don’t be running with those scissors!

Please vote for me in the TED696 comp

Hellooooo all,

Tis the season for me to put on my begging cap (again). I’m one of the finalists in the TED696 Comp….

If you get a chance could you pop on over here and go to “the people’s choice” section then slide the slidey thing to “i’m digging it” then hit the “submit” button. You don’t have to register. There are only 2 more days to vote.

I loves you all!

Runner up in Toohey's Comp.

Yay I’m second best. Or, is that I’m the first loser … nope second best.

Thanks to my chums at the ‘bub, and perhaps the occassional stranger, my entry into the Tooheys competition won People’s Choice Runner Up, which puts me in the running for lots of beer and some other stuff:)


TED696 Project - please vote for me!!!

I’ve been madly thumping away in my vector shop of late. The latest little creation is this horned beauty …

I whipped it up for the Tooheys TED696 competition. They are about to launch their new 696 ml long neck, and they want artists to create an arty paper bag for it.

If you get a chance, all you need do is go to the “Gallery” section, slide the little green slider to “I’m digging it” and hit “Submit vote”. You don’t even have to register.

They’ve commissioned one of my favourite artists, Shepard Fairey (of OBEY Giant fame), so in the unlikely event it wins, I will be in very good company indeed.

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