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Sprucing up your gallery

I have had heaps of people ask me how I get the laminate or card of my image in the description section of my images, so I thought I would put it down in a journal entry rather than having to re-type it each time.

It’s actually the same process as linking to any other image…just open up the image you want to use in the buy/preview option then choose how you want the image to appear ie. laminate with black border.

Right click on the image go to properties (bottom of tab) then copy the image address-url, paste that in between exclamation marks in the description section of your original image, then if you want to link to it put a semi colon, then copy the url of the image page.

So the code would for example look like this (when you are doing it leave out all spaces)

! http://images2.redbubble.com/img/art/border:bla... ! : http://www.redbubble.com/products/configure/115...

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