I´m a Street-Artist from Germany….

I love to paint and design everything i can reach with my hands!
I designed clothing since 1998 ( with airbrush or markers ).
2007 i bought my first vinyl-cutter ( my mutho is my baby! ) and used it to plott shirt-/wall- and carvinyls.

At this time i work as an assistant in a promotion-studio ( i want to study design…it´s time i just get older and older….)

For the longest time in my life (since ´94) spending the nights with graffiti was everything for me…. now it´s to dangerous, i don´t wanna go in jail or pay till the end of my days just for a piece of art on a train (but still love the shit…can´t stop it….;)

Years ago i started to glue cut-outs or just spray stencils out in the streets… til now it´s the greatest fun for me because it´s so fast and looks so fuckin great ( and the law….. )

Since ´04 i draw tattoo sheets and now i´ve bought me my own iron ( original swiss-made rotary, it´s like holding a pen! ) but i still need practice for the dark fillings…but i learn quick……

Now it´s time to talk about the redbubble thing:

at this time, it´s 10 days ago i upload my first design, i sold my shirts to people on continents i´ve never been….it´s so awesome!

I hope you all enjoy my stuff !

and if you bougt one of my shirts… please send me a bubble-mail and you get my e-m@il adress so if you want you can send me a photo of you wearing my shirt !

I´m still just an artist and want´s to collect photos of people all over the world wearing my art !


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  • Age: 32
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