Tips for the beginner ....... from a beginner

As a beginner with photography and then joining Redbubble about a year ago….. I think I have learnt alot…….. now I am about to have a mini exhihbition…… which although daunting, has made me think alot about being a beginner

The first thing was finding a decent shop to get pictures printed. I kept away from the multi franchise type camera / print stores. I found a little print store with the owner’s prints hanging on the walls…….. this gave me an idea of his passion for his job
The first couple of times I went with an order he was obliging and friendly….. but now I have been back a few times he can not be more helpful. I have even noticed that he has switched which paper he uses on my prints, giving me a better image and that any blemish and the order is redone.

I was lucky finding a framer……. the first shop I went to, I instantly liked the owner and he liked my pictures. This to me is so important. I have been back a few times and we now have a great rapport.
I took four prints in last week and his suggestions for framing were excellent. A frame can make or break a picture……. plus the more I go to him the price gets a little cheaper lol.

I would also like to say that when you put a heavily cropped image on RB ….. most times it tells you the biggest size that you or people can buy is postcard size. I have had this with my most popular image, which on RB is post card or small matt print size only.

I took the chance and had it printed 12" by 18" and it came out great, so don’t be discouraged by the RB sizing rules. And this is said with no offence intended to Redbubble
I hope this helps someone out there……. there are alot of great articles here on RB, but nothing much for the rank beginner.

Cheers Big Keg

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