Glasgow, United Kingdom

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Photography is my hobby and I love the transient colours of the changing seasons. The Scottish scenery can be dramatic and haunting as the climate is unpredictable.

I intend to display my photographs when I become more proficient to global viewers, who may appreciate the majestic architecture of the city and the natural splendour of the wild-life’s habitat.

Top of my wish-list is to travel across America and revel in its vastness and diversity and of course take many photographs for my online galleries.

also in Flickr as ‘theiofthebeholder’.
Thank you for viewing!

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Thank you to the kind buyer!!!

Many thanks to the kind buyer of the ‘One Devonshire’ image: / Out of all my RedBubble images, this was not one I thought would be a “best seller”, so I’m glad to know you liked it! / :-)
Posted 14 days – 6 comments

Thank you to the kind buyer of the Giraffes card

In Zazzle. / This is one of my favourite sculptures/statues in Scotland and I’m happy to see others like it, too.
Posted 2 months – 6 comments

Redbubble mugs

Has anyone bought one yet and can tell me how good they are? What is the quality of the printed image? / Could you post an image, please. / Thank you
Posted 3 months – 2 comments

Thank you to the kind buyer of my 'Brambles' design

I have sold these items in Zazzle: / / And would like to thank the buyer. It’s great to know your art has been appreciated by someone and I hope you enjoy your purchase!
Posted 3 months – 8 comments