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Anthia Brady was operating a studio in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee as early as 1891.She married W.D. Hughes and opened Hughes Studio in 1896 in McMinnville, Tennessee Her daughter, Willie Hughes attended the famous Southern School of Photography. Tennessee Historical Marker 2E68 honor them as pioneer women photographers.

Together they operated the studio for over sixty years and left an archive of over 35,000 photographs The curator, Joe Hughes Beasley, is the grand-nephew of Anthia and is a photographer in his own right

In 1997, he was awarded a Certificate of Merit by the Tennessee Historical Commission for having made significant contributions to the preservation of the historical and architecture heritage of Tennessee

Anthia Brady Hughes & WD Hughes in the 1890’s

Miss Willie Hughes with her nephew, Tom Carney

Studio Camera and Jobyna Portrait
by © Joe Beasley IPA

Advertising Slides that were shown at the local movie theaters

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Southern School of Photography

One of the first photography schools in the United States. The Southern School of Photography was founded in 1904 and operated to 1928, when it was destroyed by fire. The founder, W.S “Dad” Lively, was a nationally renowned photographer who built a large portrait camera that took 30 by 60 inch glass plates. The camera was used to make three portraits for display at the 1909 national professional …
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