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Brett Gilbert

Brett Gilbert

Valley Village, United States

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I’m an artist of many mediums: pen and ink, photoshop, and oil paint. I enjoy word play in my art along with visual juxtapositions. Enjoy! :-)

“Teddy Bear and Bunny” the first series I’ve done that successfully combines my twisted sense of humor with my art. I hope you enjoy them as much as I love making them.

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Sold Sketch On A Plane

I can never sleep when i fly so i sketch like mad. My last flight back to LA i did a three sketches and the lady next to me loved my work. She said her husband is also an artist and she and him are collectors too and would love to have one of mine cuz my style is so unique. Very cool compliment. She asked how much for her favorite one. I said twenty and she gave me forty.
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