Out Behind The Shed

and love
being the only thing i’ve ever met that possesses the power of hate
your average saturday
window shopping
and circling their concrete and tarred together blocks
to learn through personal conversation that the hotel’s registration manager
is much more to me than a love-making object
in fact, she’s married and a free spirit
something, which i can respect
much like her husband and life
before talking to her, i pictured myself able to interest her
with my phyiscal and emotional affection
until upon my conversation with her
we found each other admirable in a friendship
and us both being alot alike
as we connected in words through journeying experience
and preparation for inadvertent improvisation
of getting to share and know one another
when gaining this new respect, i found it respectively unfeasible
to act inappropriate towards her in any way
no matter the passionate aim
her as a person made so much more sense
although, i didn’t catch her name
i’ll hold her high in my graces
until the day she slips my mind, or and then some
i parted with likewise compliments
and a shard of comfort about age nineteen, at least
a future friendship?.. an immediate sense of appreciation
for a similar case in it’s happening,
but in a closer touch of unreachable..
remember that beautiful girl on the computer
a couple of stations down from the one i was on
that i sort of stuck around for?
well, she’s much more than that
and i was very fortunate to become her friend
looking out of windows and trading words with her
for a moment stretched out enough to print her two poems
and leave them to be delt by her touch
from the second she caught the frame of my eye
i’d wanted to be her friend and maybe more
but upon our brief connection, i’d grown such a strong respect for her
more than lust or valentines type of commitment
it was like it all flourished into a humble and distanced deposit of homage
another grace to hold high until and through my cutting downward
now for me to travel with and exercise in writing
to let go and make of, much like the other bright light i’ve been assigned
to walk past with blinking lids and zip a true mouth closed
accepting my wishes for her to discover in life and at best
clinging only privately in a cold shell, showing us my individuality
in simply allowing myself to trust it’s taking place
opening honest
another stage to attempt to wrap our small skulls around
odd striking difference
wanting to go.. where was it again?
behind the painted off cornered entrance
interception, through the hollowed orifices of masks
molded fit for nearly any old face..
being gone waiting, the right words
no, thank you
waking the cat, the mother
with my typing
missing morning, hardly
understanding friends
no, not exactly
hushing what’s serious
exposed in a rarity as ever showing
helping to carry
whether for family
or stranger
or both being sought
imperfection.. characteristic
over summer nights
stuck in a green t-shirt
substituting hungers
just the very right someone
for myself
the turning page and warm or cold evening
becoming twenty two seconds

three: still, repetitive dream and desks
somewhere out there
everyone has to decide
these are someone’s kids and parents
done being rain and sunshine
swapping for momentary opportune
two: is placement
and science fair, attending
for a junior high crush
it makes you wander
waving wands
you’re allowed
i haven’t seen
one of these time portals
or gluing my pieces.. yet
one: not everybody gets through the fence
or sits on the sidelines patiently
during outgoing time limits
and lets one breathing

we’re all dying
not as in touch with
depicts no skipping songs
or stones on water surfaces
the dance as seen on television
how may words or species
nearing closer
good sets of
stuck in my head
this very last one
“what’s the problem?”
i’ve no way
but trying for appreciation
my younger sibling figures
flown away, here i sit
and who are they? or am i
following lines
to eat, and house a family
of maybe a significant other
and perhaps our seeds
raising gardens of all our own
charity and commune work ethic
fathoming, together
open ears and honest chords
inside illustrating away
a plentyful opportunity within measurement
thankful, hearing the airplane
and feeling mixed emotion
stirring into colors constantly
the most amazing work i’ve ever seen
your rocking chair
blissful instance in lands of grass
hoping you’ll make forever
and strong courage spoken
cope with breaking
bound in bandages
coming whole i feel of
devoting a couple hours
to leave for you what spills out of me
as i should appreciate your artistic approach
whether either of us are to figure out
based on some made-home base of religion
taking the tunnels
however it is we’d like to take them
moistening warm
she’s been very nice to me
where i imagine
she’d be understanding of my misunderstandings
as i try to be for her
aside my wishing for her not at all to be offended
by how i may misplace my feelings and actions
displaying, a teacher
i am my professor
all the time spent checking
or just spent
adding up, could’ve been good for something
everyone is a person
let’s see us treat each other like it
including all beings in existence
regardless of whether or not they’re carbon based
or ever been heard of
through blinds becoming lovely
i’d like to see myself shake hands with the mirror
no longer disposing of spared opportunity
i mustn’t be very smart
from the time you go in
on the way out the door
the highed up edge and sharpen
smooth into transformation
when no one’s looking
a largening body asleep
to wake to growing pains
a title after someone, where did all of this come from?
going back
at the wave of a blade
holding tucked
my backyard of younger play dates
we’re playing morning
hell or heaven
nice to see you
this could be our last thousand and something words together
for a while
singling in
“not in this lifetime”
it’s been some time now
for laughter
it’s okay
such very neat concepts
smushed to a blend
this changing..
and walking in rooms
vocal translations in our squares
we’ve found
actually belonging somewhere else
but nowhere else, but here
hosting a relationship
back to the future
other than that
and sum of nearly a hundred
for reading albums
assisting forward
adjusting my breath, and burn
busting out
from underneath skin
allowing to happen
and counts for peace
in current occurrence all around the universe
and people passed away
arched above us
evened out and change
proof that i in fact exist
taking time apart
reassembling all the same
the upcoming presentation
from angelic cartoons
behind the making
that we’ve been here
to even captivate each other
this war.. let them go!
and rise free
at rest
by the stop
urging and over
for once, right in front of you and i
to truce and just be kids again
squeezing, it’s felt
before we’re out of bed
or the home we long for
right after one another
bringing what’s splattered against one’s self-canvas
off of the steps and narrow doorways
sole to concrete
routine force of habbits
a very special

remarkably unique
natural in it’s habitat of mundane
no worries or reason to panic
deep down and weighing
which is the point
the theatres of prospective
personal victory
contentment with creativity
hops to making
this is the one, believe it or not
going on
maybe it’ll act as an epiphany someday
noticing ignited berries
and people had it their way
in and out
to faithfully be something good
the fair halves
morphing in rapid rates
carved into molds
like life without eyes to see them
in the beginning
without a description
unsaid for sure
nurturing flowers
cage, lock, and key
letting keep
and go their separate ways
an alternate dimension to the form grabbing channel
close but no expensive cigar
sifting through verses and i wonder why
my fingerprints don’t leave my face or hair
if we’re really all the same or on vacation
vulnerablity right where we want us
through the curtains to say on stage
all of our paths mapped out for exhibition
“picking me up before the sun goes down”
this customized virtue
i wish this to be well worth your pixelated data addresses
by letting laundry and stovetop meals into classrooms
we’ve caught the freshest train out of town
and kissed the letters sealed with wax and sincerity
difficult to process the last of our mutual individualities
ended in a slump, stood tall
and salvaging onward

Out Behind The Shed


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Artist's Description

i dedicate this piece to the entire known and unknown world. namely, all artists everywhere. dearly including you fine folks here, on redbubble. the title of this piece was inspired by a brief exchange of comments that i partook in with and on the work of the artist, Loui Jover. and i would like to take this opportunity to present a special thank you to the entire rebubble community and any other art community that i’ve yet to become a part of. even though i think i should believe in “fuck the internet” i’m indeed a consumer, looking to make connections. big thank you’s to all readers and writers and creators and even us all as servants and free spirits.

a shout out to:
my family of friends.
strangers all across the universe.
aspiring artists everywhere.
summer of ‘93
redbubble artists: such as Jover, Foam, Tylerpuppy, Hollyann
as well as the group hosts that approve my pieces into their places of sharing. and all of you other wonderful folks, especially those who’ve given one another the time of day.

thank you: all readers, Ponch, Brian Riddle, Riannon Fowler, The Big Matt Family, Fredrick&Rebecca Rinehart, the entire Meadows family, and all beings everywhere

may you all have a lovely voyage

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