Open House

thank you for having me

Paranoid Romantic

did i miss the album?

November Complex

it’s so nice to see you again


there for a moment, i thought i heard the ice cream truck


drawing further, all unaccounted for

The Color Blue On Halloween

first almost anonymous since maybe march

Out Behind The Shed

as parting words, thanks. a pleasure to meet you

Closed Room, Purple Floor

for what i’ve met of you, we’ve been the crossroads

Shortening Extracts

our last twelve hours, waking up empty. she packs a punch

Drawer Shuffling

we’ve come along way from escaping the wig to a wider term of diversity and i can hardly help but anticipate the day that the need fo…

From Colorado To New Mexico

deprived of our meat to be picked from another hungry stomach’s set of teeth exposing our soon to be sun drenched and moon soaked rib

Somewhere Between Europe And Marriage

strolling through enough mist to leave me soak n’ wet or hit by a moving vehicle who’s driver didn’t see me

That’s So “Jon”

come on and so brushing back and forth do breezes wear out and someone leaving me here all wish and luck in the gap and flipping coins into…

Only Drugs

all about that big name across it. i’m a kid again, and getting married at that. there is no escaping women or family.

Green "6

are we attracted to each other? i can’t write anything, except for myself.. these messages i send myself, writing on the driver’…

Someone Likes The Orange Ones

viewer progressions are advised

Dr. Then Lends Headphones

“while” / “love” / “a: age !&” / “b: age !(”

Pebbles . Or Cardboard

" and from behind the window / time waits in the treelimbs for you < 3 "

Purple "41

counting to different counts of species, i’m much too much to ask and shuffle boxes is why the vehicles and women pass by, over mount…

Seeking The Comfortable Fist

.." replies the birthday

Cupid No Goes Airline

emotional xing.. over which the displays of offerings change through the theatrics of reflectivity

Always With The Time Traveler

in? “don’tmindme” trailing off again into the selective of kept count and question “tagging along” and the ad…

Expecting Hat Or Balloon

they were right, or still hungry

Jeff Builds Song

“it’s not what it looks like” who’m i again?

Her And I

“yeah, yeah” wegotyoualready


“with headphones: i’vebeencaptivated

Physical Health Versus Mental Comfort

the paper reeks of ink and new cd, i’m in the garden growing question and the art museum sideplace

If I Had A Woman And A Wish For Every Wish For A …

“a list of works and aliases of partially their authors”

Maybe When I Wake Up

please do not bother to worry with the i won’t tell you, a choice between amounts of sleep and don’t let ‘em tell you fic…

Mirror Modes

and there is already a title predetermined, you could stare at a building for days and still not know the back of your hand.. very well the…

Slippery Slopes This Morning

you kids have no business here.. but i’m only tugging your limb. back to where your works are more sturdily composed with a sweet and…

Brake Check

appears as the wall, pretty well in rememberance. burnt upside right and ponder, that a being. and now we go on, feeding.. packing.. and wo…

The Pheromone And Oxytocin Adventures Of Ourselves

i still can’t exactly grasp how there is such a thing.. but you guessed it, they’re off again. let’s stay tuned to see ho…

Recent Nude

spent of fruit and stem, it’s probably better this way.. and yes, we still have questions. but no, i’m not sure

Roger Makes A Funny

ha and the lyrics’ve us, but don’t take my word for it.. he’s right inside, go on.. have a listen or look.. and embrace, …

Coherence In The Early Nineties

just breathe, we’ll always be some place. i’ll remember how i used to play as a younger child. and we’ll not break our bo…

Scantily Clad

between women and our ages, the mirrors don’t look too shabby either.. they’ve my seat for me somewhere, fantasy in all told co…

Word Count

they say somewhere, there’s a show. although, i’ve heard no say of an open or leave for that matter. we’ve all got our ti…

Body Wise

the conclusional wind and spoken, trying to figure out how words are so put together. in the breaks of last, there’s someone coming o…

All Time Popular

the book’s in the mail, and not exactly what you’d picture of a lover. collecting quotes and a floor to swim in

Perception Altering

growing further accustom to the scroll, our foot-set path. a beautiful figure all of the sudden a topic and canvas

Your Favorite Moment

opinion, honestly. still dreaming, perception. and i’m not exactly sure about this water. which is why sometimes it’s best if w…

Birthday Business Suits

our address at the company party, these films and things have really gotten to me. but not so much as what there is to actually give and ta…

Practice Makes

i always hope you’ll stop by. and with a cherry on top, the sentences unfold. still to the naked female anatomy, a whistling right ar…

Enjoyment With Coffee, Tea, Ice Cream, After Dinn…

said and even about limits, sitting with numbers and articles difficult to grasp in line of request. the woman across the way’s chang…

Holiday Meal

alot on how we count our days, with someone still staring and so we had hoped they’d keep their promises. all off in the room of rare…

A Hundred Photographs Later

how to give thanks within these spaces for all the time’s that have hosted me, personal and leaning into consideration

The Many Names Of Charles

again with that old elementary school playground and references to my vital organs, being your home since then and from there, a long time …

Title Sharing

yes, but has it really been us.. laughing under musical tones, blanketed in preservation. would you like to see ’em?

Twenty-Four’s Winter

whispering in.. and out.. most often, i don’t know where they’re going. crashing with stillness, is anybody up?..

Out Walking The Love

wait a second, where am i.. tangling friendship and heart-shaped charms. our matching features and no worries dear, i won’t stay too …

Life’s All About Climbin’ Trees And W…

hey, didn’t i see you there dressed in all silent spoken vibrantly engulfing the partially attending listener.. i figure it couldn…

The Invisible Dove

exactly where have you been.. the tree has come to life and dear goodness, the clouds. again traveling where

Duplex Silent

as it turns out, it was only my reflection. sure, come on in. we’ve many tales to trade, and the water.. is doing just fine

Ninety Minute Goal

undressing from the ordinarily built and encountered palace. brushing leaf and branch, on the way to goodnight

Joseph Moves To Michigan

the laugh, so romantic and silly me. facing the calm wall of circus tent, not alone. but with a customly cut tightrope

Thank You For Sharing

wandering the park, i stumble to notice these minerals performing structure and stance, seated at what looks to me like a very large portio…

Two-Part Write

dr. then returns to chemical emotion calculations and ballroom dancing. i guess the tree dosen’t fall very far from the earthling sta…

Gun Of The Pill

seeing your conversation in the mirror, all that wonderful indeed and penny tray train ride cycle. who?

Our Old House

and carved from that.. well anywho, the stage is right around the way. did anyone happen to catch the date by chance..

Today’s Blue And Gray

record timing, owing instant. striking as female hands, alive and scent a while ago. our personal forward

Letters To The Woman

locking my finger, no telling for sure. almost there and plains waving at us with no regards as to how they’re occupied

Just People.. And Myself

ovation within us as we burn the candles down, a likening from here and oh goodness, it’s where are we all over again

Another Law Versus The Otherworldly

more alike these days, talking to myself and a jack-o-lantern with it’s tounge stuck out

One More, Then No Hurry

constantly, in these leaps.. i find myself, a rather sad death of the turtle. now with only pebbles to count, the sun going down. and floor…

Unseen Aspects Of The Flea Market

will there be an early rocking chair, set a little further from last before laying down for bed. the figures we’re to dream of, sneak…

Artificial Rock And Water Additive

finally jarred loose from this.. i’ve got a spell on you, many miles before us all and then again.. hey, where are we

Tooth Solution

you and me, yes and no, girl.. boy, did that feel good

Halloween Alone In A Crowd Of Thousands

a ghostly evening and story perfomance celebration palooza, remaining quiet in the kitchen

Pre-Faceless Recent

class of comedy and science, with a twist of something about existing. here, hold my umbrella

Purple Sky And The Moon In The Morning

gone to check the expiration dates on the calendars and bravo, we’re at the same school of streetlight. our birthdays all over again

Long Time Ago Minds

all in quite the simple sign of back and forth. hello, as space alludes the filling of itself. a body waits and practices for coming days.

6 o’clock’s hiding

with only one day to live, night falls before you as you’ve fallen to love. the scripture of your footprint, it appears we’ve a…

3 O’clock’s Midnight

you’ve found yourself, you were all alone. and you asked yourself where you had been all your life. you then replied.. i’ve be…

2 o’clock’s fall

and as your eyes may speak for you, tasting the bite. you’re stranded in a similar alley of shades. will you talk to me and how about…

Dreamland Relationship

drawn from the side you may’ve woke up on, there’s still a sharp in the say of spill. it’s light, glows on for cinematics…

Peppered Hands

and somewhere underlined being right back and voila you’re have i been in this room before?

October Floors And Windows

sure, come on in. you’ll see the dots. or as we like to call them. have a nice day
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