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Elisabeta Hermann

Westminster, CO, United States

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Welcome to my Gallery!!!


“Every child is an artist.
The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”
(Pablo Picasso)

Born in Transilvania, Romania, Betty is a European Trained Artist, here in the USA since November 2004. She is living in Denver – CO, where she recently relocated from the Richmond, VA area.

From an early age Elisabeta was fascinated by colors and drawings. Her mother saw her potential as an artist and encouraged her studies through elementary school. She learned how to create real art from several of the best contemporary artists, instructors, in this field of art in Romania. She studied and excelled in all aspects of 2D and 3D art.

Elisabeta Hermann’s inspirational artistic visual expression is exclusive, charming, restless, and full of passion and color; a breath of fresh air in art. The mystery of this exceptional Fine Art painter’s aesthetic achievement occurs when the various depicted subject s develop energy equal to the strength of the artist’s own regard.

After many years of hard work, Elisabeta is a very successful artist having participated in countless group exhibitions and Juried Shows Nationwide, where she has received many awards for her work.
Her art has been shown in galleries, cafes and published in VA, FL and Vietnam.

Many of Elisabeta’s exceptional works are currently hanging in private collections in New York, Chicago, Florida, California, Kentucky, Montana, Virginia, Arkansas, Colorado and Panama City (Panama).


  1. September 24, 2011 – Siena Art Institute, Siena, Italy , “Drawing Connections” – ongoing
  1. October 22, 2011 – January 07, 2012 – Group Exhibition traveling from CA, NY to London – Peace Project


Recently published in the 2011 Peace Project Book


Her words:

“My goal is to express my feelings and emotions thru lines, colors, brushstrokes; I LOVE to know that people really appreciates my artwork and, maybe, have the desire of hosting that small part of my heart and my soul in their own homes…
Thank you for visiting my Gallery,
Elisabeta – Fine Art painter

A short addition to what Elisabeta has to say about herself:

“Here is a little about how I paint: I think about a new painting sometimes for several months, and I create it (almost completely) in my mind. I don’t sketch anything. I don’t practice anything. I just draw and paint and I always go for the “final work”. I work hard and I scrutinize every piece I paint. I am very sensitive indeed and I do everything in my power to see my creations well received.
I love colors; I love to know that my works lit up the walls of the locations where they will hang one day.
Many of my works have deep messages; emotions expressed with the goal of reaching the viewers’ inner world. I paint for the world. I paint my soul and my heart, and I would like to show others my emotions, my feelings.
Nothing makes me happier than knowing that my art is appreciated enough to hang on somebody’s wall.



I feel sooooo blessed being supported by my husband in my work and everything I strive to achieve.
Thanks to him I am back in painting.
He is an outstanding photographer, also member of this wonderful family of RB.

John’s Profile is here :


Much more of John’s EXCELLENT works are on “Fine Art America”, Click here please

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Betty’s fine art gallery

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Betty’s art is also represented by two prestigious juried online Galleries:




Here is a link to another website of Elisabeta’s:

Elisabeta Hermann Fine Art

You may also contact Betty at:




pps. Commission work, any subject matter is welcome.


Note: All of my images are c/o protected and DO NOT BELONGS TO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. Without my written permission is prohibited to copy, display or ANY OTHER USE of my works.



Betty’s Solo Exhibition

Nominated for SoJie 3 – May 2010

Please, CLICK HERE to join me at very important event

nominated by Ming Myaskovsky


Here is the Award my painting received on the 2nd of June, 2010.
I won the 3rd place in the Traditional Art category…:)

Nominated for SoJie 9 – March 2011

Please click here to Join me at SoJie 9, Juried Art show…

nominated by Maxy

Accepted in SoJie 10 – April 2011

Please click here to Join me at SoJie 10, Juried Art show…

accepted by Maxy

April 2011 SoJie 10
Earth Day exhibition


Here is the Award my painting received on the 27th of April, 2011.

Dorina Costras Fine Art Awards
Excellence in Stylized Painting
SoJie 10, April 2011

Nominated in SoJie 14 – October 2011

   Join me at the Juried Invitational Exhibition…

Here is the Award my painting received on the 2nd of November, 2011:

Ming Myaskovsky Fine Art Award
Excellence in Emotive Creation
SoJie 14, October 2011


Proud FEATURED ARTIST of the following GROUPS:

- the “Yellow Two” Group on Nov. 26. 2009 !!!
- the “Landscape Painting” Group on Nov. 26. 2009 !!!
- the “Impressionism Café” Group on Nov. 27. 2009 !!!
- the “60’s GLORY” Group on Jan. 10. 2010 !!!
- the “! Inspired Art !” Group on Febr. 02. 2010 !!!
- the “Painted Nature” Group on March 03. 2010 !!!
- the “Painted Florals!” Group on March 15. 2010 !!!
- the “Solo Exhibition” Group on March 15. 2010 !!! – Elisabeta Hermann’s Solo Exhibition/Permanent Gallery
- the “#1 Artists of RedBubble” Group on March 31. 2010 !!!
- the “Self Expression” Group on April 12. 2010 !!!
- the “Painters Univers” Group on April 18. 2020 !!!
- the “NEW CREATIONS OF BEAUTIFUL COLOR!!” Group, on June 19. 2010 !!!
- the “#1 Artists of RedBubble” Group on July 07. 2010 (for the second time) !!!
- the “Avant-Garde Art” Group, on July 12. 2010 !!!
- the “Vibration in Art and Verse – VAVoom!” Group, on July 12. 2010 !!!
- the “Avant-Garde Art” Group, on July 27. 2010 (for the second time) !!!
- the “Painted Florals!” Group, on Aug. 02. 2010 !!!
- the “Inspired By Life” Group, on Oct. 08. 2010 !!!
- the “Painted Ladies” Group, on Oct. 13. 2010 !!!
- the “♫.•°°African Art At heART°°•.♫” Group, on Oct. 18. 2010 !!!
- the “HOLIDAYS and SPECIAL OCCASIONS” Group, on Oct. 22. 2010 !!!
- the “60’s GLORY” Group on Nov. 04. 2010 (for the second time) !!!
- the “PAINTING THE COUNTRY LIFE” Group, on Jan. 07. 2011 !!!
- the “Safe Haven Group” Group, on Jan. 26. 2011 !!!
- the “Cee’s Fun Artsy Friends” Group, on Febr. 15. 2011 !!!
- the “Ethnic Art” Group, on March 28. 2011 !!!
- the “Just For You” Group, on April 02. 2011 !!!
- the “Exquisition” Group, on May 01. 2011 !!! – Featured Artist for May 2011 !!!!
– the “Cee’s Fun Artsy Friends” Group, on May 11. 2011 !!! – as Cee’s Superstar of the Week
- the “ART UNIVERSE” Group, on May 17. 2011 !!! – SPOTLIGHT ARTIST !!!!!
- the “Feminine Intent” Group, on May 22. 2011 !!!
- the “Decorative and Traditional Art” Group, on June 13. 2011 !!!
- the “Music of the Spirit” Group, on June 25. 2011 !!!
- the “PAINTING THE COUNTRY LIFE & COUNTRYSIDE” Group, on July 08. 2011 !!!
- the “Music of the Spirit” Group, on July 26. 2011 !!!
- the “Gallery of Pain” Group, on Aug.05. 2011 !!! – Artist of the week
- the “Feminine Intent” Group, on Aug.07. 2011 !!!
- the “Music of the Spirit” Group, on Sept. 10. 2011 (for the second time) !!!
- the “The Group” Group, – New Featured Artist of the Day, on October 05, 2011 !!!
- the “THE VIRTUAL MUSEUM” Group – Featured artist of the day in the Image Of The Day, on October 24th, 2011 !!!
- the “ART UNIVERSE” Group – FEATURED ARTIST in ART UNIVERSE…Elisabeta Hermann, on December 01, 2011 !!!
- the “THE VIRTUAL MUSEUM” Group – WEEKEND SHOWCASE 13 – ELISABETA HERMANN, on December 03, 2011 !!!
- the “Avant-Garde Art” Group, (woo-hoo! – again), on December 05, 2011 !!!
- the “Decorative and Traditional Art” Group – FEATURED ARTIST IN DECORATIVE AND TRADITIONAL ART group DECEMBER 2011, on December 20, 2011 !!!
- the “IF IT DOESN’T BELONG” Group, on December 27, 2011 !!!

Note: All my images are c/o protected and DO NOT BELONG TO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. Without my written permission is prohibited to copy, display or ANY OTHER USE of my works.


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