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ten years ago ~ what has changed ... what has remained

It is on this day, ten years ago, that I was dancing … dancing with blissful abandon … dancing in celebration
Celebration – of my own wedding
My father was there – my mother refused
My siblings in another country – not there to take part
My friends, so close to my heart – there! they could not refuse
The man of my affections, my partner of choice
The man by my side, his name became mine
His family – I had grown to love as my own
Our friends, with smiles – a party was thrown

My world complete, my world turning round
The axis on which it turned, the universe in which it revolved
- love
- Love!
I do not care what anybody says – I do not care what anybody thinks
It is love that makes the world go round!
It is love!

And what has happened since
Where have I been
What have I seen

Today, ten years ago, I was in a small town with no more than three traffic lights to it’s name … a small town called Greytown … south of the equator, yes a beautiful country … a country called South Africa
Today, ten years today, I am in a city with traffic lights too many to count … in a big city called London … north of the equator, yes in a beautiful country … a country called England
Oh the contrasts!
Oh the riches – the riches in the contrasts!

So what has happened since
Where have I been
What have I seen

I have moved, I have moved, time and time again. From small towns to big towns, to farms, to towns to cities … I have moved.
I have seen hills and valleys, forests and rivers, coastlines, the sea and sand …
I have seen Vic Falls from up above and down below
Seen the power of the rapids of the river and also felt the gentleness of the river as it allowed me to idly cruise and drift along … to watch … yet another sunset … another sunset … another sunset over the waters of the earth
I have visited some countries and visited some people … each with a story … each with hi-story … each with character, each with personality … oh the delights!
The sights
The tastes
The sounds

So what has happened since
Where have I been
What have I seen

My mother has made the transition – left her body, sent her soul on up ahead
My father with a partner – a lady who is lovely and kind
My father-in-law has made the transition – left his body and allowed is soul to move on
My mother-in-law no longer my-mother-in-law as my husband is now my ex.
My siblings in another country – so close to my heart
My friends – some close, some far apart

So what has happened since
Where have I been
What have I seen

I have moved, I have moved, time and yet again
I have traveled and I have stayed
I have experienced country, I have experienced culture
I have worked and I have played
I have felt angry and I have felt betrayed
I have loved, wanting to hold, and I have loved, and let go
I have floated on dreams so high, and yet, as some got crushed or some got shattered I have fallen from the sky

So what has happened since
Where have I been
What have I seen

It is ten years on … ten long years … ten short years … ten years all the same
I sit here today … and I look back
I reflect
I look in the mirror … I look inside my heart
It is ten years on and it is today that I dance – I dance to celebrate
I look back and I look within … I look forward and I look within …
What I see fills me with joy – a joy so profound
It is today that I dance – I dance because I celebrate

So what has happened since
Where have I been
What have I seen

It has happened all along …
what I have seen …
where I have been …
It is ever present in my life …
I look back
and I see
I have lived!
I have lived the last ten years of my life
and I have loved the last ten years of my life!
And oh god! how rich these times have been! Rich through the contrast – rich through the living!

My world is complete, my world is turning round
The axis on which it turns, the universe in which it revolves
- love
- Love!
I do not care what anybody says – I do not care what anybody thinks
It is love that makes the world go round!
It is love!

Love for the living!

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ten years ago ~ what has changed ... what has remained by 

It is with an attitude of gratitude that I have written this piece … looking back and truly feeling joy at everything that has been, because it is through everything that has been that I am where I am … and I am loving where I am because it;s allowing me to go where I plan to go :)

Life is indeed a journey and it’s not really ever about the destination … oh how glorious!

Thank you for being part of this journey … hope you’re enjoying the ride as much from your side as I am from mine!!

The reason for sharing here? … have a peek at the last ten years of your life :) … come on – I dare you! So what makes your world go round?

As passionate freelance photographer I am forever keenly interested in authentic people, connection and collaboration. If you are a business passionate about what you do and are looking for a package of images which undeniably speaks of your persona, your values and your goals, I want to hear from you.

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  • Erhan OZBIYIK
    Erhan OZBIYIKover 5 years ago

    Wonderfuly written Bettina… Some sad, some nice..
    As 36 going to 37, I miss my days a lot.. Days gone with the wind…

    Nice poem…

  • thank you so much Erhan!
    at 33 going on to 34 I have had times where the days seemed to be full and lasting forever … and I have had times where suddenly whole months were gone and i had no idea where to … I believe that it is a decision to live consciously – to be present … present in the moment … because the only moment we truly ever have is now … and now … and now … only ever the now! :) Yesterday is a memory and tomorrow is a dream and a hope … so now is where life is for the living :)

    Erhan, thank you so much for taking the time to read … and leave me a note too :) I appreciate it very much indeed.

    – BettinaSchwarz

  • felicitas
    felicitasover 5 years ago

    Beautiful writing!!!! Oh what a story ;-)))…. xoxoxoxoxox

  • Danke Dir liebe Frida !! :))
    and I’m only 33 … I wonder what I’ll come to write when I’m 43?! :))
    Big hugs to you girl! I hope that today you are finding a reason to dance too :)

    – BettinaSchwarz

  • clickinhistory
    clickinhistoryover 5 years ago

    well done and remember, those that travel the most stay in the same place but travel with an open mind and soul

  • ahhhh Richard !!! :)) Indeed … but what a joy to travel physically and allow the eyes to see all the splendour of creation too! :) and so to allow the soul to rejoice in the diversity :)
    I hear you though!! That’s where it’s at!! … like flinging open the doors and windows of a building and letting the fresh spring breeze and the golden sunshine to flood every room and every corner :)

    – BettinaSchwarz

  • sfmilner
    sfmilnerover 5 years ago

    Greetings Bettina; Beautiful !

  • Steve – I thank you! :) thank you for reading … and leaving me a note to let me know you were here and enjoyed the read and whatever else it might have brought with it :)
    ~ Tina

    – BettinaSchwarz

  • LTPhotography
    LTPhotographyover 5 years ago

    Well thought, well written and very thought provoking :-))

  • then I am inclined to feel that it was an introspective and reflective evening more than well spent :))
    Thank you so, so much for your note – you know I appreciate it a lot!

    – BettinaSchwarz

  • Kevin Bergen
    Kevin Bergenover 5 years ago

    Bettina, thanks for the poem! I don’t usually read the writing on RB, but I read this. Very nice flow, and I was right there with you.

  • Kevin :) I’m delighted to hear that the energy carried you along with it so that you could feel it :) Delighted indeed! Thank you for reading! especially if you do not usually read the writings here in the Bubble. And thank you for leaving me a note with your comments – I appreciate it very much indeed!

    – BettinaSchwarz

  • JamieGreen
    JamieGreenover 5 years ago

    Bettina, it’s a great thing to love the life you live, and to be young enough to live the many lives to come each and every day.Be thankful for where you are, when you are.Be thankful for what you were, when you were. Be thankful for what you’ll be, when you’ll be.Your writing is powerful and full of feeling…a good thing for a person to be.

  • Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback Jamie :) Greatly appreciated indeed!

    – BettinaSchwarz

  • dbiggins71
    dbiggins71over 5 years ago

    Beautifully written Bettina – I, like Kevin, don’t usually read written works on here RB, but this is wonderful. What especially moved me was your reply to Erhan above; “because the only moment we truly ever have is now”…it’s taken me almost 38 years to realise this, that the past has gone for eternity so mourning it is pointless, and the future is a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Thanks for sharing.

  • Dan, I’m just really glad you stopped to read, especially if it’s something you don’t usually do here in the Bubble. Really glad. You know, the past is where we’ve been, it’s where we’ve come from. It makes us into who we are to a degree and it’s brought us to where we’re at. Mourning it in any way is entirely pointless, you’re right, ‘cause there’s no go back, no getting it back and no doing it over. But there is remembering and there is learning and then :) then there is knowing that your in the place of choosing. Choosing fresh with each moment, making choices about what you want and how you want it to be – now – not then – now :) And tomorrow we get to look back on today and see that today has turned to yesterday and yesterday can’t be undone … but again, we are in the moment of choosing and deciding … active creativity in each and every moment … but being so present, so aware, takes practice, I find … and so I remind myself to be here and now, not back there or out there … here – now. :)
    I ramble … pardon me.
    I am just glad that reading this piece yesterday meant something to you. That means something to me. Thank you. :)

    – BettinaSchwarz

  • Trish Woodford
    Trish Woodfordover 5 years ago

    Ah the wonderful fabric of life, you have related this beautifully thru your words, I was really following you along wanting to know….. A wonderful piece Bettina, and what came thru was that you have a fantastic energy, love of life and you embrace change, its has woven you in to who you are. Thanks for sharing :))

  • thank you so Much Trish! I appreciate your reading and your taking the time to leave me such a thoughtful comment!! :)

    – BettinaSchwarz

  • S .
    S .over 5 years ago

    wow .. what a great look and ahead.. beautiful write

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