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images being downloaded / copied

Had something happen the other day which made me cringe!!

I e-mailed a friend of mine a link to someone’s profile ‘cause I really loved the work. My friend is not a photographer. He was very enthusiastic about hte work and the images and later told me he’d set one of the images as his desktop background. My heart sank, I panicked and freaked! What the hell!! How can he be copying images! He shouldn’t do it in the first place, but it was innocent actually. So I went and checked whether my stuff can be copied.
It can! Easily. Shift print screen. Right click & copy … whichever way you please – all possible!! And I’ve selected my settings as per below:

Other Preferences
Discourage people from right-clicking or saving my images by placing a transparent image over the top of them. Please understand it’s impossible to prevent downloading of images displayed on web pages, but activating this feature will make it more difficult. Please note: Your original high-resolution images are never displayed on the website, and cannot be downloaded

So then I thought, well, if someone comes to RedBubble, can they actually search for my BubbleSite, or do they only find my profile and works internally. If I put my Bibble Site in it draws a blank. So it’s my profile that comes up. Whether it’s a user who is registered and logged in or not does not make the slightest difference to the security of my work. It can be copied with great ease. Maybe not at a file size which would allow for printing as wall art, but certainly at high enough a resolution to use the image in a variety of other manners and mediums!!!

My question – can these images not be protected further?? PLEASE? Or am I missing something here and should be iploading my stuff differently or chosing different settings? In flickr I’ve got small file sizes for view so only my authorised contacts can view larger images. Also in flickr you can right-click and come up blank because there is a layer over the image.

I’ve now included the big watermark here, which I didn’t want to do, but … well … I’m wanting to know really how best to protect my stuff here. And … well … if I can protect it more, then I guess I need to re-evaluate, but I don’t like the fact that people can pull my stuff off here without so much as a mention to me …

Anyone got any ideas? Please?

Thanks a mill!!


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