All my photos are taken with my Olympus E-410, purchased as it is light weight.
Drawing since, well like everyone, since we could hold a pencil, many of my early artworks can be seen inside the front cover of my parents books.
Oil Painting since age 11, but seemed to stop, when I had kids. Try to dabble when time permits, but Photography and Photoshop is much easier to find time and no cleaning up!
My father was an obsessive photographer and also a brilliant drawer, so I guess photography started from him, although I have worked with photographers for many years, all in studio work for catalogues, but I much prefer the great outdoors, for my art!
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Sketch Book Project

Bit excited to have one of my pieces featured in the Red Bubble ‘Bubble Wrap’ email that just went out about the Sketchbook project.. / The Sketch Book Project.
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Art Show in London

For anyone around London, my niece is having an Art show. / : / Wish I was going to be there, but alas not so lucky.
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Yeah my first Framed print sale

A card sale, great, a calendar sale, yep functional but only lasts a year…. / but a framed print now that is pretty cool that someone wants to hang it on the wall! / The Sale was of ‘Our Melbourne’
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An eventful week

Another Challenge wins and 3 top 10 places. Plus I just sold 3 Paris Calendars. Yey Red Bubble! / : / First place in a Water Media Challenge, and featured in Works on Paper. / Paris Calendar / :
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