1992 born in Exeter, UK on 22 September at 11.30.

1993 finished with breast feeding.

1994 experiment 1: pulled a table cloth off with a glass vase on top whilst underneath. left a scar above eye.

1995 refused to speak properly until the age of 3, previously saying only “na na na na”.

1996 wanted to be an explorer.

1997 went happily to Offwell Primary school.

1998 could do perfect mimic of Mr Bean.

1999 got a pet rabbit called April.

2000 was king of the playground on my scooter.

2001 looking forward to the next millennium.

2002 experiment 2: tried to make roman baths model from lego. it leaked.

2003 started to dislike marmite.

2004 was Russian.

2005 laughed and ribena came out of my nose.

2006 thought about what I wanted to do when I grew up. for a minute. then decided to stop thinking about it.

2007 liked marmite again.

2008 had a great year.

2009 got an Arkwright scholarship. rather excited.

2010 wanted to be a baker

2011 became a baker

2012 went to university. pretended to do chemistry, had a laugh

  • Age: 22
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