After a week away from this site, and part of another week to give it some thought, I’ve decided that I’m leaving Redbubble. At least for now. Possibly for longer. I get the feeling that the longer I stay away, the easier it will be.

After having (yet another) Not-For-Sale work removed by Redbubble for somehow breaching publicity rights while not being for sale….and then feeling like I’d been told to go f*ck myself when I sent a counter-notice to have it reinstated (on the grounds of “explain how there is commercial gain in a not-for-sale image (also… explain Facebook and Flickr in that case)”)… I’ve had enough. Especially when all you have to do is type “Game of Thrones” into the search function on this website to see Redb…

Begin Again event - Knightley! Ruffalo! Corden!

For some reason, London is currently experiencing a drought. By which I mean not only is it not raining a lot, but there have basically been no premieres for nearly a month, and there won’t be any until about the 24th July. Which is crazy! … it’s like… other than take my chances with Quadrichopper-based photography, will I do?

Well… there’s always the occasional event at the Apple Store. In this case…. a pretty large one.

It’s a movie, it’s out in a couple of weeks, and rather than lay out a red carpet, they’re doing an event at the Apple Store. I hope this is not a sign of accountants deciding that the glitz and glamour of a London Premiere is no longer required. Because I Assure you, Messrs Accountants Et Al, that it totally, t…

Walking on Sunshine premiere - Leona Lewis! Greg Wise! Emma Thompson!

With premieres somewhat thin on the ground in the upcoming months, I decided to make metaphorical hay (and literal pixels) while the sun shone and head down to Leicester Square for a movie that was on my radar only insofar as it was a giant warning sign. If for no other reason than the movie cites one of my favourite not-so-guilty pleasures “Pitch Perfect” as one of two ingredient movies in this 1980s feelgood movie.

Of all the stars, I’d heard of one. Well… two if you include the lady I’d never heard of until I photographed her just one premiere earlier.

Here’s how this one went down.

“Walking on sunshine? More like kneeling on pink, am I right?” The colour balance on my cameras wasn’t liking it, and my retinas were assuming some very…

"Now : in the wings..." premiere - Kevin Spacey! Other People!

For some odd reason, the PR and Promotions people of London had a collective brain aneurism and scheduled three events at more or less the same time on the same day. I flipped a coin and a magic eight-ball and went to the one with Kevin Spacey. I’d never photographed him before.

There was one sobering issue, though. There weren’t many autograph dealers present, providing an ominous indication that the premiere for the movie ‘Chef’ on the other side of town might feature more than just Iron Man director John Favreau… and might actually include Iron Man, Avengers and Thor alumni like Scarlett Johansson,Robert Downey Jnr and Mark Ruffalo, all apparently in town filming Avengers 2.

So with that hanging over my head, here’s how it went down.

We’re off …

BELLE premiere - Felton! Wilkinson! Mbatha-Raw! Gadon!

The last premiere I went to was last week and Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow . Now, just one week later and London’s Southbank gets its second consecutive premiere, with the little known (?) ‘Belle’.

Here’s how it went down.

BFI Southbank doesn’t get a huge amount of premieres, but it’s not a bad spot, especially on a nice and sunny day. And I have photographed Their Royal Highnesses William and Kate there and separately Daniel Radcliffe – in a related note, refer later in journal.

That’s actually a pretty impressive list, even if you remove singers, presenters, Radio DJs, sportsmen, actors from other films, reality TV judges and people who were incidentally on TV once in a show you’ve (I’ve) never heard of.

“Please si

Edge of Tomorrow premiere - Tom Cruise! Emily Blunt!

Way back in 2010 I was in Japan when I picked up the book “All You Need Is Kill” from a local Kinokuniya bookstore. It was AWESOME. And then, weirdly, a few years later I heard that it would be turned into a movie starring Tom Cruise. That’s such a weird thing! And here I am, some four years later, in London, at the premiere of the film, now called “Edge of Tomorrow”.

(btw : I missed the premieres of Godzilla (2014), XMen Days of Future Past and Two Faces of January as I was out of the country, not because I don’t care!)

So… Edge of Tomorrow. Here’s how it went down.

Incredibly, the time is 6 IN THE MORNING. That’s right – a MORNING premiere. Why? Because in keeping with the ‘time loop’ premise, there will be two more…

The Olivier Awards - Hiddleston! Dench! Freeman! ... Theatre People! Culture!

It only seems like a few months ago I was in more or less exactly this space : The Royal Opera House, London; for a large awards ceremony. But this time it’s not the BAFTAs – it’s the OLIVIERS. Actual culture. Actual theatre. Actual talent. And….

… actually I had no idea how I was going to cope with identifying anyone I’d be photographing. Unless these people had bit-parts in Harry Potter or something, I’d be stuck saying “dude in tux” / “lady in dress” for most of it. Or that was my fear.

Here’s how it went down.

It’s a Redcarpet, and my wrist number 124 afforded me a front-row spot just behind the first of the black cubes you can see on the carpet on the left hand side. Not exactly pole position, but it jutted…

The Amazing Spiderman2 premiere - Garfield! Stone! Foxx! Webb!

After three premieres in three days last week , this week I have to make do with just one. On the plus side, it’s a World Premiere for the new Spider-Man movie. And after arriving somewhat late I was able to talk my way into the main pen to a spot in the third row next to the main stage. With the lovely Emma Stone set to be in attendance, and a huge heaving crowd in attendance, I had low expectations but high hopes.

Here’s how it went down.

My spot isn’t actually all that bad, and Sony have certainly spent pretty big on this particular premiere, from the custom carpet to the three-axis premiere setup that stretches to a cinema on the other side of the ’Square.

“Threaten the city with destruction or update Twitter? Why do I always have to make these compromis

The Quiet Ones premiere - Harris! Claflin! Pogue!

For the third premiere in three days (behind Divergent and Noah ), it was a much smaller, intimate affair. However, as I’d decided I wasn’t going to make it four in four days, I thought I’d better go anyway. And even though I’d photographed both Jared Harris before (as recently as yesterday) and Sam Claflin at the premiere of The Hunger Games Catching Fire , I still felt it would be worth it.

Here’s how it went down.

The UK has entered summertime, which means premieres are now held in daylight! (What’s odd is that this is a horror/thriller movie… probably the one kind of film that doesn’t really benefit from a pleasant sunny day)

“We’re hoping he shows up, but if not we’re going to ask Jared Harris to hold up this picture a

Noah premiere - Crowe! Aronofsky! Watson! Connelly! etc

Was it really only yesterday that I braved the screams, tears and franchise-liciousness of the Divergent Premiere ? Apparently it was. And yet, here I was just one day later, for a premiere arguably even bigger (given the author whose works it was adapted from) : that of director Darren Aronofsky’s “NOAH”.

Here’s how it went down.

Okay, I’ll admit – this is one of the coolest ‘not red’ carpets they’ve ever had for a premiere : a FLOODED carpet and ark. Either that, or I really need to be getting out of here because I don’t think even my Pentax is waterproof enough to survive Biblical deluges.

That really is a great carpet. And fake rock. But I can admire it (and the 18 year old rapper with his underpants riding high) for only so …