Dallas Buyers Club Premiere2 - McConaughey! Leto!

So yesterday there was a premiere for Dallas Buyers Club attended by Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey. But this time for the first time I had the opportunity to have a second attempt – both stars were at the Apple Store answering questions and hosting clips of the movie. If nothing else it was warm and indoors.

And they let you take photos as long as you disable the flash (no big problem : I never have mine turned on!)

Here’s how THIS one went down!

Matthew McConaughey looks like he might come back later and buy an iPod nano…. if they put one aside for him.

Don’t let the relatively sparse-seeming crowd fool you : it was packed – I was just lucky I fought my way closer to the front of the standing area and ended up behind two girls (one of whom had a hairsty…

Dallas Buyers Club premiere - McConaughey! Leto!

Dallas Buyers Club has been getting considerable Oscars buzz… so much so that I decided that even though it was sub-5 degrees and raining, I’d make my way down to the Curzon Mayfair. This means going away from the comforting glow of Leicester Square and taking a stroll to an ill-lit cobblestone street that’s rarely if ever closed to traffic when a premiere takes place, let alone the site of an actual red carpet. As for lighting? Street lighting at best.

Still… Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey. Here’s how it went down.

I’ve been standing here for an hour but it’s cold and wet enough that the Spanish (?) couple standing near me have left, presumably to do the smart thing and head indoors and buy a 30 Seconds To Mars album and The Lincoln Lawyer on…

The Invisible Woman premiere - Voldermort! Snape! (Fiennes! Rickman! Scott Thomas!)

The weather is getting colder but there are actually quite a few premieres scheduled in the upcoming month or so. About once a year a premiere gets held at the Odeon Kensington which is away from central London and Leicester Square. Two years ago it was the Madonna-helmed W.E. and last year it was Witherspoon, Hardy and Pine for This Means War. This year, it’s the Ralph Fiennes-helmed Charles-Dickens movie “The Invisible Woman”.

Here’s how it went down.

We start this journal with a shot of The Invisible Woman being interviewed, in this instance by an Invisible Cameraperson. (And if you didn’t think I’d be making that kind of horrific attempt at humour you obviously haven’t read many of these journals )

“Is that supposed to hypnotise me or s

Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit Premiere - Pine! Knightley! Branagh!

Leicester Square has already hosted two premieres this year, but I was unable to attend both owing to being mid-air for one and wandering elsewhere for the other. But that lax attitude is over, with my first premiere of the year coinciding with my first day back in the office and the debut of my shiny (soon to be un-shiny) Pentax K3.

The temperature was low, my position was dicey, I was getting to know a new camera, and I’d never yet taken a photo of Keira Knightley I’d rate better than ‘okay’.

No pressure, then. Here’s how it went down.

It’s still two hours to go, but (a) I’m alongside the media which could be good news, and (b) it’s no longer pitch-dark at 4pm!! The temperature is also well above freezing (5 degrees celsius I think) and t…