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One Photo Per Day Jul27-Aug16

So when I last posted one of these, London was about to hit The Olympics and I was planning to take more photos in a truncated period than I do on holiday or London Film Festival. A spoiler : IT was really, really big and trying to select just one photo per day wasn’t easy. But it’s called one photo for a day for a reason, no?

Here’s how it went down:

July 27th. It’s on. The default is that Sydney’s were the Best Olympic Games ever…. but I’ve got an open mind. And a hell of a lot of a better camera this time!

July 28th. Mens Cycling Road Race. Kazakhstan Wins! (the dude still has 1500m to cycle AND he gets overtaken once in that time, but goes on to re-overtake and win)

July 29th. Womens Cycling Road Race. It’s the start, and if nothing else the Canadians are having a good chat. (“I hear K-Stewz is cheating on R-Patz!?”)

July 30th. Oh, come on IOC. It made ME smile! (they took it down a few days later).

July 31st. Rowing at Eton Dorney. The Dutch eights were a lot more graceful than Hamidou The Hippo of Niger!

August 1st. I’m gonna photograph all 82 of the crazy 2metre Mascots before these Olympics are over, but I don’t know why!

August 2nd. Watched Michael Phelps win mucho gold at a live site. The weather was perfect, I’m not sure why they kept the Olympic rings retracted. Is the Team GB medal tally THAT disappointing?

August 3rd. Finally! Also : more gold for Phelps. He’s doing better than many countries at these games (and these are only his third most successful Olympics!).

August 4th. Mens 20km walk. The less said about the event, the better. It’s not every day at a walking event you can catch the Gold, Silver AND Bronze medal winners with both legs off the ground in a sport that doesn’t allow it! Still… a nice day.

August 5th. Got drenched at the Womens marathon. Might have been worth it to catch the eventual Gold, Silver and Bronze women pass close enough to my camera to almost qualify as interference on my part!

August 6th. One of my rare ‘wins’ in stalking the Olympic Tickets site early mornings was yesterday’s fencing. As was today’s Womens Football Semi-Final between Japan and France at Wembley.

August 7th. Popped out for a longer lunch to watch the Mens Triathletes do their cycle leg. Team GB brothers took Gold and Bronze.

August 8th. London’s street artists have been busy : they’ve already celebrated Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah’s Gold Medals in the skate-and-graffiti area on Southbank.

August 9th. Womens Football Gold Medal match and the USA’s amazing goalkeeper Hope Solo keeps her side up 2-1. I missed their second goal (as did many) by heading inside to watch Usain Bolt win the 200m.

August 10th. Off Brick lane, and giant Usain Bolt mural says “Yeah, I’m THAT good”. And he is.

August 11th. Team GB’s walker came in last in the Mens 50km walk but got the most amazing crowd response-and-return I saw at any event. Awe-inspiring.

August 12th. Mens Marathon to close out the Games. 16 days, 15000 photos taken, and I’m pretty tired! It’s going to be hard not having an Olympics on in London.
….I wonder when premieres start up again??

August 13th. Ha! Awesome. Also, if you told me as a kid that one day I’d have to choose between Sly Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenneger for Photo for the Day, I’d be surprised if you told me I’d select Sly. And wonder what ‘One Photo Per Day’ was.

August 14th. Vienna, Austria

August 15th. Vienna, Austria

August 16th. Colin Farrell over Kate Beckinsale at the Total Recall (2012) premiere. Gives you an idea of how poorly I photographed Mrs Beckinsale (and perhaps how tragically awful Jessica Biel’s dress was for the occasion)

And that? Was a three week period I’m going to have trouble EVER matching. I think. Wait… did I mention that the Paralympics are still to come? And London Film Festival in October?

Catch ya later!

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