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Pride of Britain Awards - Rolf Harris AND Stephen Hawking??

Now, you (perhaps) know me. One Photo Per Day means that if there’s a chance of an envelope being opened anywhere I can take a photo, and I’m bored, I’ll go.

Hence, the Pride of Britain Awards. I’m not even British! And it was raining!

Here’s how it (implausibly) went down.

The evening comes to an interesting start : Jane Torvill. Who, together with Christopher Dean won Gold for GB at the Winter Olympics in 1984. So… these awards are clearly not necessarily limited to recent achievements?

As this is not a movie premiere, I’m back in unfamiliar territory where many of the arrivals are concerned -if indeed they even face our (crowd) direction. This? Who knows. I include it because the mysterious face at right gives it something.

I’m sure this is yet another teen boy band I’m expected by people half my age to be intimately aware of the awesomeness of. Are Hanson still around, or is it all Jonas Brothers these days?

Somebody said something about “Christina” and given the hair colour I thought Christina Aguilera. Leaving aside the unlikelihood of this, it’s still a better guess than any other I can come up with.

It’s ROLF HARRIS!! (If your response is ‘who is Rolf Harris?’ then shame on you!) (unless you’re from Estonia. In that case – fair enough)

It’s started raining (again) and this is comedian Allan Carr, making light of it. Fortunately, my camera is water resistant. Unfortunately my lens, however, is not. (Oh well.)

Of course once the lens is festooned with water droplets the question is, do you ride out the optical effects or wipe streaks into the filter? I say go natural and ride it out…

I’m really just taking photos of anybody who is wearing a more-impressive-than-average hairstyle at this point, and hoping wireimage will help me later. (But there’s now like 400 photos of the night on Wireimage and I’m tiiiiired!)

Paralympian Ellie Symmonds strayed under my ability to photograph. Which is not a height joke, it’s a “why does everybody insist on blocking my view of everything” complaint!

Tom Daley won a Bronze Medal at this year’s summer Olympics. Back when the weather was warm and weirdly (for London) quite dry!

Some dude rolls along the red carpet and apparently is playing tetris on his laptop. Is he being rude or could it be….?

It’s Professor Stephen Hawking! He hasn’t won a Nobel Prize – but he’s won the US Presidential Medal of Freedom. Freedom for… you know… Theoretical Physics. (Hey, I don’t judge. I know little of theoretical physics). Still, awesome to know I can leave right now and short of Charlize Theron and Scarlett Johansson coming, my Photo For The Day problem is very much solved.

Actress… posssibly from Downton Abbey? (I haven’t watched Downton Abbey). She could also be from World Championship Wrestling (I haven’t been watching that either).

Susan Boyle wore fur and elected not to look in my direction. That’s fine : she’s not on my iPod. Which would be no great insult unless you know who IS on my iPod. (It’s true. Lindsay Lohan did release an album in 2006).

Xfactor (?) Judge and singer Tulisa Contastavlos shows up. I’d make fun of the surname, but oddly in trying to once figure out how to say it, I ended up remembering how to spell it as well.

Oh, I’m DEFINITELY not wiping the water droplets off my lens. This lighting is exquisite and I have NOTHING to do with it!

I take a break from getting drenched and soaked and shouted at / around to take note of the Pride Of Britain Logo. And after a summer dominated by the corporate logo freakshow of the Olympic Mascots, I gotta say : this is a really nicely designed logo! Now… who else can I photograph that I can pretend not to know?

OMG it’s one of the Spice Girls. Quite obviously I needed somebody to tell me that this is Mel C (aka. Sporty).

And this is / was Baby Spice. Well… that leaves just Posh to go and I’ll have photographed the whole set (did I mention I’ve photographed all five TV Star Trek captains AND I’m still SINGLE? (ps. It’s true – all five!)

Things go from dire (for my street cred) to awesome as Sir Ian McKellen arrives to Class Up This Place. He’s Gandalf in Lord of the Rings and the upcoming Hobbitses. So that’s definitely not uncool right there.

“Just some tea, please” not a debilitating eye injury caused by an Autograph Dealer willing to sacrifice a Sir’s eyeball in the cause of keeping some photos dry…

It’s Peter Andre!! (please tell me I’m not alone in remembering who Peter Andre is…)

The second-to-last arrival is rocker Jon Bon Jovi, looking rather cool and less long-haired and head-banded than I remember. When I say “I remember”, of course I mean I’m far too young to remember, but my grandparents used to have posters of him on their wall. Ummm…

I’m not sure if the warranty on my lens covers this kind of waterlogged-ness, but on the grounds of ‘art’ I’m calling it worthwhile, and I’ll be making sure to let it dry properly once I get home.

SO… was it worth it? Well… yeah. I photographed STEPHEN HAWKING. Which is pretty randomly awesome.

I’ll put it in my archive of movie premieres. There was a movie star in there. Nicole Scherzinger in the final photo was in Men In Black III, and let us not forget Spiceworld : The Movie. Fortunately, I’ve already forgotten it.

Until next time!

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