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Published Again!!

Amazingly, the good folk at International Life Magazine have given me my THIRD two-page spread of premiere photos in their latest issue! (The key ads to bear in mind for what kind of magazine it is, are still for civilian space travel and private submarine purchase, but I like their Bentley and Quinting watches ads!).

None of these photos are actually on Redbubble at this stage (not even The Hoff… I can’t believe my oversight), but they were from the premieres of The Expendables2 , The Sweeney , Now is Good and, Improbably, The Keith Lemon Movie (101 views and no comments – and that’s how I want it to stay!)

I’m still very excited at getting to see my photos in print, meaning it joins:


as magazines I’ll be mailing home to Mum and Dad!

And I’m definitely hoping the rumours of an additional issue before Christmas do come true (hoping I’m in that one as well!)

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