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One Photo Per Day July 8 - 27

When I last posted one of these, I can barely remember. And I’m falling further behind. For example, according to this journal the London Olympics are still almost three weeks away. (Gosh… I wonder if London will do a good job?). Anyway, here’s how the next little bit went down:

July 8th. The Olympic Torch makes it to St Albans. Coca-Cola, Samsung and Lloyds TSB let me photograph it. Aw, thanks guys.

July 9th. It’s not every day you get a DMCA takedown notice from Redbubble for a photo of Lady Gaga at V Festival taken four years ago AND get a second two-page spread in International Life Magazine. Yin and Yang.

July 10th. It was either Matthew McConaughey or Channing Tatum for the not-quite-premiere of ‘Magic Mike’ Premiere in London. I’m so ashamed…

July 11th. Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles announced he was leaving breakfast radio, and in unrelated news I drank three Frulis, got a new high score on “Monsters Ate My Condo!!!” (324billion), and walked through a library.

July 12th. London’s got itself some Olympic Lanes. In other news : Angus Mince = nice.

July 13th. UniQlo Queue Management and the (supposed) calmness brought about by caffeine are not an easy match. They told a lady at one register that they didn’t have enough cash to refund her purchase at one register, while they told me that I could ONLY pay by cash at the one I was at. And they’d been trading for about two hours. Lying is easier than telling the truth, I guess.

July 14th. “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog”. Location : Hampstead. Spent part of the day pretending to be an adult. It felt weird. I might have gotten away with it.

July 15th. Apparently McDonald’s has gotten a ruling accepting that its fries will be the only ones sold at the Olympics (unless accompanied by fish(?)). Ah, that’s what the Olympics are all about – mobilising your legal goons to fight for the exclusivity of fucking fries. My boycott of the Golden Arches starts here and now. Feel free to join.

July 16th. Relax. It’s art.

July 17th. Early indications are that tomorrow’s European Premiere for “The Dark Knight Rises” is probably NOT going to be a small intimate affair.

July 18th. I’m still not sure whether to have a photo of director Chris Nolan (arguably more ‘important’) or actor Morgan Freeman waving (arguably more ‘cool’) as photo for the day. The premiere went well, in other words. (I took 3155 photos on a single battery charge, and that alone is worth mentioning!). The premiere photo journal is viewable here

19th July. One photo per day must by nature be one (1) photo, so it’s the one in the center. The other eight provide context – ‘aspects of politeness’ on London fences providing various ultimatums for people chaining their bikes to them. Which is to say : only one of them uses the word ‘please’.

20th July. Watched the Dark Knight Rises. It’s probably the most disappointed I’ve been with a fundamentally good film. I might take up looting to ease the pain (?)

21st July. View from the upper dome of St Pauls. Pity you can’t take photos from the whispering gallery inside the dome looking down onto the church floor. Yes, sure, it’s a place of worship…. but…. but there’s a CAFE and GIFTSHOP in the CRYPT. They sold out and went corporate long before I suggested it.

22nd July. Sunday. Hmmm.

23rd July. Just In case LOCOG and the IOC feel like suing, I wish to explicitly mark this as a photo of a lens flare and a cyclist. Everything else in this picture is a coincidental inclusion.

24th July. Unidentified actor (?) at the Premiere of The Man Inside , a boxing film lorded over by an event manager at Vue Leicester Square who thought it better to turf fans out into the street where they could harass arriving cast and crew than (say) making sure the airconditioning worked inside the venue. Demote that clown to popcorn maintenance subcommandant, I say…

25th July. This portion of Oxford Street close to Holborn has now provided THREE one photo per day entries. Gotta back the street art, man. It’s the PEOPLES’ art. (Though sharks in formaldehyde are also good)

26th July. The Olympic Torch hits St Pancras Station. It’s like… SOMETHING BIG is going down in London.

27th July. So it’s finally come to this. London? DO THIS RIGHT.

So…. that’s right. I’m posting this at the end of October, and according to this increasingly strange journal, the Olympics have just started. Well… at least the weather was warmer and days longer!

Until next time!

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