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One Photo Per Day 28May-17Jun

When I Last Posted One Of These I’d photographed Kristen Stewart, Will Smith, Cameron Diaz, Johnny Depp and His Excellency Aladeen of Wadiya. And myself. Could I top that? Not without leaving the country….

28th May. Alert. Not alarmed.

29th May. Large mural, Thames. A compelling enough morning photo that I felt disinclined to go to the Glamour Women of the Year Awards. And when I went anyway, disinclined to stay.

30th May. Rapper Plan B (aka ‘Ben Drew’) had a premiere for his directorial debut Ill Manors . But I’ll be honest, I’m much more amped for tomorrow’s World Premiere of ‘Prometheus’.

31st May. Prometheus Premiere To quote my own Facebook profile update: “Charlize Signed the photo, Ridley signed the journal, Mo is a genius and that premiere? Was great”. I call this photo Sir Ridley

1st June. I’m en route to the airport. I’ll be missing a pretty big party while I’m gone, apparently. Sorry, E2R.

2nd June. Helsinki / Gotham City’s main train station. I find myself in Finland, Helsinki, meaning I can now tick off all the Scandinavian countries as having been visited. I’ve got four days, so I felt perfectly fine catching ‘Prometheus’ in the afternoon. Suomi subtitles. Not too distracting…

3rd June. Helsinki, Finland. Apparently this is not a deliberate art installation? I call it for your safety and security

4th June. Helsinki, Finland. Apparently this is not a military coup in progress. If it was, kudos to the Finns – nobody (not even the government) seemed to mind.

5th June. I call this photo Approaching Tallinn . It’s the capital of Estonia. And the medieval town might be a Unesco site, but there is a McDonald’s inside it.

6th June. Tallinn, Estonia. This is the town hall, where the Elk Soup is ‘worthy’, ‘delicious’ and only 1 euro per ladle full.

7th June. The main town square in Tallinn just before midnight. Elk soup to the right, Yoda’s cave-like cafe to the left, Toompea hilll behind, McDonald’s straight ahead. There, got my bearings.

8th June. Elk soup comes from the heated barrel/kiln in front, fresh apple pies behind the wooden-door oven in the back. It was my lunch place on 4 out of 4 days in Tallinn. Elk Soup. Who knew? Stuck for something to call it, I went with 4 to 8 words is best

9th June. A fraction of a second later, and those weighted ribbons would have made a very pleasing circular pattern – but they were obscured by passing tourists I’m going to call ‘American’

10th June. It’s just after midnight, and I’m about to get six hours sleep before heading back to Helsinki by ferry, London by plane, and St Albans by train.

11th June. I’m back in London. It’s raining. Go figure

12th June. Much like yesterday. Perhaps only more so. Or maybe slightly less so.

13th June. Don’t ever try to tell me that we live in fast-paced world just because a whole bunch of overcaffeinated, self-congratulatory, high-fiving consultants try to tell you that they can enable you to maximise your synergies. It took four days to just CONFIRM a meeting with these people.

14th June. One of The Eagles. Forget which one. It’s not like they’re monopolising space on my iPod, though I hear they were huge in the 1970s

15th June. One day I will meet somebody from Microsoft, and I will hold a knife to their throat and demand they tell my why I have the option to ‘download but not install’ updates which are, inevitably and unstoppably both downloaded AND installed despite my explicit instructions. Meanwhile, to pass the time, here’s some hair blowing in the wind. I call the photo Get Ready for the Next

16th June. I do this so rarely

17th June. I don’t do this very often, either. I call a different shot from this series Heliosphere

So… .that’s another journal! It’s still ages til the Olympics in this weird backtrack through my One Photo Per Day, but it’ll be fun when I get to that. Until next time!

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