American Pie 4 Premiere (Biggs! Suvari! Levi!)

Ah… American Pie. Released in 1999 and quickly followed by an opportunistic sequel two years later, then a third instalment (“American Wedding”) in 2003 (thank you, IMDB). It’s been nine years since then, and, well… let’s just say Jason Biggs, Sean William Scott and most of the cast have been cruelly snubbed by The Academy in many of their film exploits since. Still… each film (even the last one) made $200million or so worldwide and the lack of fame of the stars outside the franchise means you can (presumably) make them fairly cheaply…

So…. cue 2012 and a fourth instalment of the franchise, “American Reunion”. Would anybody show up, though? (counter-question : how many of them have anyplace BETTER to be, though?)

No red carpet, minimal barricades and not even any poster-boards. Yet most of the cast went to both this premiere AND a screening at the Soho Hotel slightly earlier. Wow.

First to arrive was Eugene Levy (“Jim’s Dad” in the films), who among this whole cast is probably the dude who has most parlayed his American Pie notoriety into ongoing film roles outside the series. (Yay, typecasting! You can be a ‘Dad’ for much longer than you can be a teenager.. even in the world of American movies where ‘kids’ are still playing teenagers basically into their late twenties..)

Eugene Levy (The Dad) has done fairly well for himself since his scenes in Ghostbusters II were cruelly deleted from the final theatrical cut back in 1989(thanks, IMDB!).

Meanwhile, Chris Klein (“Oz” in the film(s)) has leveraged his roles across all four "American…. " movies into many … erm…. fine coats.

“I strongly disapprove of this product or service”

“I can sign something if you want…?” No thanks, Chris Klein.

I’ll be honest, outside of Biggs, Levy and the rather hatefully-smirking Sean William Scott, I really can’t recognise many of the male actors in the film. And with Alyson Hannigan not being in London, my camera is really just biding its time waiting for…

…. no, not that guy. (Thomas Ian Nicholas, aka “Kevin Myers”). (I shouldn’t joke too much, the guy has DIRECTED since American Pie – something called “L.A.D.J.” . I … must have missed that!)

Tara Reid (“Victoria”) has had a career spanning American Pie films, Van Wilder Party Liaison and the little known “If I Had Known I Was A Genius” (thank you again, IMDB!), among other things

… she maybe remembers she still owes me five dollars?

Eugene Levy “Hey, I loved you in “If I Had Known I Was A Genius” "
Tara Reid : “Dude, I don’t even remember that movie, and I was in it”

Jason Biggs (“Jim” in the movies). Best known for….. being in the video clip for that Wheatus “Teenage Dirtbag” song, no? (Hey, I happen to love that song)

“You know, it takes me hours to untuck my shirt precisely like this…. okay… fine. My personal assistant does it for me. Happy?”

I don’t even remember this guy from any of the films. Ah… Eddie Kay Thomas (“Paul Finch” in the films). My mistake.

Tara Reid, accompanied by the dude who then blocked my views of about four different people I was photographing during the premiere. I can’t say for certain whether he was in the films, or a personal assistant, or simply some random dude. (If he’s the director of the film, then I’m sorry…)

“Ladies, I may get an assistant to untuck my shirt, but I untuck my OWN tie”. Awesome.

OMG – it’s Stifler’s Mom!! (I wonder what she’s been up to, career-wise?)

Jennifer Coolidge (aka. “Stifler’s Mom”) has received as many Academy Award nominations as I have, but I’ve been in less movies. Then again… I don’t look this stylish, sunglasses or no.

Mena Suvari? Well… she was in ‘American Beauty’ so I’m calling that an off-franchise WIN. (Alyson Hannigan was the only major cast member, and one of only two people on the poster who didn’t attend this premiere, would be the other WIN.). Also, Suvari declined to be part of the third film in the American Pie series… so that’s probably ANOTHER win.

Mena Suvari was also the voice of Aeris Gainsborough in the English dub of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. I don’t care if only 0.1% of the population of the planet has any clue what that is. Point is I do, and that IS cool.

Still can’t figure out what that tattoo on her neck/back is of… but all that aside, props to Mena Suvari : she elected NOT to be in the third ‘American…’ movie. (Well, at least she tried to escape the franchise’s orbit)

…I don’t really have a comment for this photo, but I really should watch Final Fantasy VII Advent Children again… awesome, awesome film. Totally worth playing up to 80hrs worth of the Playstation1 classic Final Fantasy VII just so the movie made full sense when it was released 8 years after the game.

Finally, my Arch-Nemesis. I once claimed offhandedly that if I saw Sean William Scott for real, I would swerve across up to two lanes of traffic on the Sydney Harbour Bridge to ram him or his car, such was my hatred for his smirk. I’m older now, but I still kind of stand by that… though I probably wouldn’t now, after I’ve seen what damage a mere wallaby can do to my car.

“Comment on the Mass Effect 3 ending? I really shouldn’t…”

So… that was another one. Given the lack of a red carpet, OR publicity for this premiere, it was a rather amazing attendance from cast members. It was also over very quickly, and started very late (hence the grain-o-riffic ISO 1600 I was sporting).

Up next…. a little film called “The Avengers”.

Until then, it’s another entry into The Archive of Move Premieres

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