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I've Been Published!!

OMG. Based on a purely happenstance coincidence …… a few months ago now one of the people I randomly met introduced me to a guy he knows who publishes his own magazine. It’s a 20K(ish)-circulation magazine called Internationallife. That guy and I got to talking…. and two issues later I’ve got a TWO PAGE SPREAD of my works in his magazine!!

Can you believe this? Because I’m having difficulty right now!!

It’s a pretty high-class / high-affluence magazine, and he was quite taken with the idea of a twist on the standard ‘paparazzi-style’ photography that I try to do at premieres.

So all in all, that’s pretty awesome. It’s not a newsstand thing, but you can order it online and I’m told its primary client base is hotel and airport and business / corporate lobbies. So, you know.. find a lobby somewhere and check it out!!

The photos featured are also on Redbubble, though not currently for sale (pending some kind of agreement with his magazine), are of Nicole Kidman, Martin Scorcese, Steven Spielberg, Daniel Craig and Madonna. Further back in the mag there is a hint that they may be for sale in the future

… and two more smaller pictures of George Clooney and Rooney Mara.

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