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The Woman In Black Premiere - Radcliffe! Hinds!

The most recent premieres I’d been at were W.E. – Madonna! and the Gala Screening of Shame , and this one was at a location I’d not previously been – Southbank’s Royal Festival Hall. It was for “The Woman In Black” – Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe’s first full foray into post-Harry Potter acting. Though, looking at what the fans brought to have autographed suggests that the fanbase of The Woman In Black is considerably smaller. For once, I didn’t have a good position (I was three rows back, behind Tall People) so ultimately I decided to take a chance and shift location that provided a better angle as opposed to proximity.

Here’s how it went down.

I got there about two hours early, so I had more than enough time for some ‘art’ shots. Then it started raining.

Uniquely, I found an elevated, sniper-like position about forty meters away on a pedestrian walkway joining several theatres on the southbank. Its other advantage was that I could stay mobile and shift location.

Being able to shift location (and wielding a 70-200mm f2.8) means I can take shots like…. well… this.

The guy on the right is producer Simon Oakes, one of something like NINE people who are producers of this film. I still don’t know exactly what a producer does… (or nine of them)

The Car in Black arrives and dispenses its Star in Black. Screaming starts.

“What was I doing BEFORE Harry Potter? I was like… two years old, I think. I feel like I’m thirty five, now”

The lady guarding Daniel Radcliffe with a deathly hawk-like stare for danger and threats to her charge has accompanied him to other premieres in the past (= at least two Harry Potters)

“OMG you’re here to see that famous actor!!!! Oh, wait – you’re excited to see me!??”

This is the director of ‘The Woman in Black’, James Watkins, and his scarf is Mark Strong Awesome . This is only his second Feature film, but surely not his first foray into legitimate male fashion?

The elevated position is giving me good unobstructed views, but the lack of eye-line means incidental eye-contact isn’t frequent. Also, I REALLY want to draw glasses and a scar on at least one of these shots… just to see if he still looks like Harry Potter. (I call a frame taken seconds after this one Mister Potter No More )

“No, you just THINK I snapped the Elder Wand at the end of the final film. Sure, I was holding it just seconds earlier, but how GOOD are my sleight-of-hand skills, I now hear you wonder? HAHAHAHAHA!! (OK, fine, J.K.Rowling does not authorise that interpretation of the plot)”

Harry started hanging with the wrong crowd. (That lady on the right who looks like Emperor Palpatine’s Mum is going to cause me nightmares…)

Also at the premiere was actress Liz White. I don’t know who she is, but the hairstyle of the interviewer was oddly compelling from above.

“… and ever since then I’ve had people following me, taking photos of my fringe. It’s weird. Your hair is….nice. Also.”

Struttin’ purposefully

“I’m not sure what that gang sign means, I’m sorry”

“So I hadda pop a cap in his a$$, yo. You probably know how it is, okay?”. Actor Ciaran Hinds has had small-medium roles in a truckload of films. Check out imdb if you want!

“You are pretty lady. Shoulders very broad”

“So I looked at the camera and screamed “Screw You Voldemort!!” and needless to say I failed the audition and the role ended up going to Daniel Radcliffe. True story" (he’s some kind of journalist called Louis Theroux. Maybe a producer as well… there’s plenty of room in the credits)

“Broad shoulders? Well, maybe one more than the other”. This guy isn’t helping.

“Edith has recently become very sensitive about her shoulders, so be discreet”

“No, not at all. I think they’re… um…. fine?”

Screenwriter Jane Goldman shows up. I Loved “Kick-Ass” so I’m not making fun of the hair anymore. (And her shoes are clearly what NASA are doing these days now that they’re no longer interested in outer space…)

“… make this out ‘TO DOBBY, WITH LOVE’? Erm.. sure”

So… that’s another fun time in London, and another addition to The Archive of Movie Premieres

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Until next time!

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