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'Malice in Wonderland' Premiere - Danny Dyer flicks a cigarette!

For the second time this week, I went to a movie premiere that wasn’t listed on the Big Three websites. I got lucky and found out about via other (totally un-mysterious) means. Unlike the other one, though, this one was small. And the cinema was a largely unknown one off Leicester Square called The Prince Charles. How did it work out?

A bit like this…

“Breathless : Coming Soon” Yes, but this premiere was for ‘Malice in Wonderland’. This may give you an idea of the level of size premiere we’re talking about here.

The assembled throng. Let’s say it was considerably more ‘intimate’ than the premiere for A Single Man. (But then again that one had Colin Firth, Liz Hurley and some weird Romanian Vampire).

It’s…. It’s…. That Guy! (His name is Nathaniel Parker, per wireimage. But I’ll be honest, that doesn’t really help me.)

Nathaniel Parker has had small roles in the films ‘Stardust’ and “St Trinians” as well as something called ‘The Inspector Lynley Mysteries’. Hmmm. Perhaps I shouldn’t judge the supposed unimpressiveness of Actors’ resumes. I mean, my only credited role in anything was an Australian period drama called ‘The Alien Years’ which imdb doesn’t even list me as being in. (It’s true!)

“Imagine if the Child Catcher from ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ aged really well, calmed down a lot, dated for a while and eventually found himself a wife, and became an opera singer?" (From my own notes, since neither wireimage nor gettyimages decided to identify the guy)

The lady in front of me with the two young kids collecting autographs on folded pieces of paper with a ballpoint pen were very excited, because apparently this guy is from something called ‘Hollyoakes’. I’ve been in the UK for nearly two years, and I kind of assume Hollyoakes is some kind of calendar franchise that comes out every Christmas?

“Shonique? I can’t talk right now… they’re HUGGING!!”

According to wikipedia, Dominic Littlewood is a ‘British journalist, TV presenter and comedian’. Oddly, doesn’t mention that the reason for his fame comes from the startling way the top half of his body can look like it’s moving, while the bottom half looks like it’s standing still!

Ben needed to check one last time to ensure the boy band he had formed was sufficiently culturally diverse to succeed.

One of these two was famous enough to later pose for solo photos without the other one… but which one? (feel free to play along at home). I was there, and I certainly didn’t know which one until it happened. (Answer below)

This will probaly have to be photo for the day, because I caught the cigarette he was flicking in mid-flight, with vapour trail!! . It’s just by sheer coincidence that he’s Danny Dyer, the lead actor in the film. Winner!

How cool are Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan? Baby, didn’t you see how Dyer flicks a cigarette above? It’s positively John-Travolta-in-Broken-Arrow-esque Awesome

Oh, look. It’s famous Movie Premiere attendee Bianca Gascoigne! (I have no idea what else she’s famous for, if anything).

Time for another game of “which of these is famous, and which is the hanger-on?” (I guessed wrong, here. I usually do.) Answer below.

If I hadn’t provided photos of a male model (and Colin Firth) in the prior movie premiere journal, I’d almost feel bad about posting this shot of Bianca Gascoigne. But you’ve got to acknowledge the lighting. Yes. The lighting. Incidentally, she’s not my type. Charlize Theron, if you’re reading this, Bianca Gascoigne IS NOT MY TYPE

Anyway, needless to say it joins The Archive of Movie Premieres where I hope its presence will confuse visitors for its similarity to another premiere I’m hoping to get to later this month.

And next week : A Scheduled premiere for once. I can’t wait, but my camera is fully freaked out.

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